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    As a newcomer to SITS, I thought it was brilliant! I didn’t have to ride it though, I had one of the stands. A couple of the solo guys came to me for help and I could see that despite the hardships and problems they where busting a gut to get back out on the course. Real men!

    I enjoyed it, maybe more than the dry years, but that may have been down to the beers and G&T we consumed in the 5 hours we rested!

    Yes it was muddy, but in mountain biking that happens. That’s why we buy the right bike for the job. I rode a Cotic Soul running 3×9, so pretty normal, and 2″ Bonty ACXs and had no problems with the drivetrain/wheels going round.

    My mate with his Rohloff and 1.6″ mud tyres was laughing all the way around!

Viewing 2 posts - 241 through 242 (of 242 total)

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