Siren sounds, big wave coming,..where would you ride to?

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  • Siren sounds, big wave coming,..where would you ride to?
  • I’d ride over to Beachy Head and dare it to get me…….

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    Currently at 1200m. 1 hours ride can get me up to 2000m. The hike-a-bike up to 2800m might take me a bit more than an hour but I reckon I’ll be ok.

    Re: Klunk’s link
    -that is indeed v scary

    That video is pretty sobering.

    About 60m on the edge of the South Downs here. I think I’d wander into the front garden and watch the approaching wave and then swivel 180 degrees as it heads up the valley, then jump on my bike and over the Downs and watch it race along the northern edge.

    Watching the video now, was expecting it to be one I’d already seen but its new to me…


    As long as the wave is less than 720ft,i will stay at home..



    If i was in North Lincs i would ditch the bike, and make my way as far inland as possible in the car avoiding all major roads and motorways.

    If in sunny somerset on the edge of exmoor, a toss up between north hill and having a picnic on top of the secret radar station watching south wales go under, or going up grabbist and watching Butlins vanish but hoping my 2nd floor flat further up town might survive.

    Bike would be whatever is handy, although i doubt the park rangers would mind me driving my car up 🙂

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    hmm what would Lt. Col. Kilgore do?

    At 300m+ and 70 miles inland I’ll be sitting on my balcony, beer and snacks to hand watching the world float by. Always wanted to live on the edge of a lake.


    Up onto the Greensand ridge to watch Somerset disappear. Wiltshire will then have a coast, win-win I’d say.


    119m and 100 miles from the sea

    The tide can wave all it wants!


    Think Somerset has too many big hills to disappear, maybe a selection of nice islands.

    Best dig out the crossbow so i can defend my island and set up an off shore bank 🙂


    Yeh Klunks link shows us the reality. Scary indeed.

    I’d put the packraft on the front on the bike, and head for the hills. 1 hr will get me up about 500 meters as long as I can cut through the city traffic.

Viewing 13 posts - 46 through 58 (of 58 total)

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