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    Thought I‚Äôd start a thread for him as he must be feeling left out at the minute! ūüôā

    Seriously ‚Äď where are the Lib Dems and what on earth are they doing? Latest polls show them making zero ground.

    Time to disband and chuck their hat in with the Green Party or Labour?

    (there may already be a thread, but like the party it must be invisible!).

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    where are the Lib Dems

    They had to cancel their party conference because of the Queen’s death. Their one chance a year to actually get media coverage. But the big two parties get to carry on with their conferences, and get the coverage that comes with it. Their best hope now is some Tory MPs walking away from the current mess, and some by-elections in (currently) winnable seats.

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    Just wait until there‚Äôs a nice juicy by election called in a Tory ‚Äėsafe‚Äô seat, it‚Äôs like a flippin‚Äô bat signal for them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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