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  • Premier Icon rickmeister

    Had this too in the hot weather. Unwanted noise just aggravates the ramblists even more. Gone to carbon / kevlar then back to sintered for the winter me thinks..


    Don’t worry, in a week or two we’ll be back to wet weather = problem solved


    Ditch the bell, use the squeal, job’s a good un.

    ah ok, at least its not just me then rick! may well do as you suggest and go back to organic until the ‘proper’ winter comes, then stick them back in

    Premier Icon fadda

    Have you tried taking the pads out and chamfering the edges of the friction material?

    is it pretty much normal for sintered pads to squeal? ive done all the usual (i usually run organic and no noise apart from in the wet) tricks to get it to stop, well bedded in, (actually had a brand new hope floating rotor), new pads, ive even used muc off disc brake cleaner, its as aligned as i can get it, cleaned pistons etc etc

    is it just a fact that in the dry dusty weather sintered squeal? its not totally constant, ie if i come to slow stop to a gate or similar no noise, but if im belting down a descent and need to brake sharpish almost to a stop they will do it then until i really grab at the brake to the point of stopping

    i dont mind using organic as they are silent but obviously wear is a bit of an issue going into winter

    so normal or totally abnormal? will they queiten down in the colder/wetter weather that will inevitibly come?

    FWIW they are superstar sintered, are there any out there sintered wise that dont squeal?


    Have you tried a very small amount of copperslip on the back of the pads? Worked for me.

    yeh tried all that in the past, never did a thing…

    ive ordered some organics for the time being! sure the sintered will get some use over winter when it comes

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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