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  • Autoelec

    Thought this was great touch.

    Premier Icon postierich

    Great event it was the hardest weekend of racin around fields I,ve ever done!

    Oh bugger. I only live (literately) down the road and missed the whole thing. Totally forgot.


    The STW cow bells were a great hit….my ears are still ringing

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Thanks for the shelter from the rain at about 1430 today. Popped down on my road bike to see the finish.

    Premier Icon chipps

    Just a quick note (before I go to bed…) to say that it was great to see so many of you lot turn out for Singletrack Sleepless in the Saddle this weekend. The weather mostly behaved and I personally really enjoyed the course. The naysayers that reckon it’s all just riding round fields don’t know, do they? 😉

    Thanks to Pat Adams and crew and thanks especially to the Singletrack Magazine behind the scenes team who never get any of the credit, leaving it to me to flounce around as if I’ve done lots of work and things: Matt, Sim, Jamie, Mark, Sam, Thomas, Jon, Vicky, Jenn, Beate, James, SteveM, Charlotte and probably a dozen or so people that I’ve forgotten…

    We’ve got a load of great shots from the weekend and we’ll get them up on the site as soon as we get a minute. Watch this space.

    Cheers all!

    Premier Icon mountainposture

    Really enjoyed it – the event and the course. Many thanks to all involved


    Great weekend, thanks to all involved in making it happen. Didn’t ride but I did take a few piccies…

    Slightly Damp by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Mark by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Pete by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Chipps by simondbarnes, on Flickr

    Nicky by simondbarnes, on Flickr



    Fantastic event, great course, cheers to all those involved! Myself and both our teams are definitely coming back next year.

    That platercine-paté-clay-mud after the rain was hideous, especially with sod all front wheel clearance, traumatic lap that one 😯 Amazing how well it recovered within a few hours though.

    Just woken up after 10 hours sleep, properly buggered day/night cycle.


    Looks good, was it the same course as previous years?

    Weather looks like it was near perfect as well. Mine have been 99% gloopfest and 1% heatwave.

    Like I said weeks ago when someone asked about the weather, if I’m not there it’ll be fine.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Weather looks like it was near perfect as well

    I’d not go that far, there were a couple of torrential downpours that ruined the course, but it did recover, and by the end was fantastic.


    My interpretation of the weekend;0) SITS Photos

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Well done to all involved in setting it up, it was great and thanks to you guys from STW for stepping at the last minute. Spoke to Pat during the weekend and he was truly greatful for your help (and others).

    I though you were taking the P1$$ about the ‘loitering’ beer tent until Alison from our team rolled through the finishing line with a bottle of ale. 😆


    It was great – I got caught on my lap when it went Biblical, but at the end of the lap it was drying out – there was one patch that seemed to stay dusty !

    The next person out didnt get muddy.

    Great fun, great idea with the Cow Bells and the Lurkers tent was an inspired idea. I wish Id done the last lap in our team now just to lurk.

    Well done everyone – especially those mental chaps and chapesses with the orange stickers.


    good photos

    Anyone know where to find any other photos? Saw several people taking photos throughout the weekend (joolzed, had a look through yours but there aren’t any of me – some excellent shots though)

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Anyone know where to find any other photos?

    Link to Richpip’s pics/report here

    Premier Icon rickk

    On behalf of my team – thanks a million to everyone involved for making the event happen.
    Fantastic event, very hard to see how it could have been better.


    Brilliant weekend. Didn’t know how Singletrack being involved would work but you definitely added to the laid back vibe. The only complaint is that I never got to the beer tent, obviously I didn’t do enough loitering!

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