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  • Singletrack Issue 1 – Nuclear Power Play
  • singletrackjon
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    We’ve dug back into issue one to bring you Singletrack’s very first road trip – must have been fission for themes

    By singletrackjon

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    Singletrack Issue 1 – Nuclear Power Play

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    There’s still no “c” in Hinkley Point, you’d think after 10 years you’d have got the spelling right 🙂

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    remember it well…………

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    What happened to the ‘Amazon’ ?

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    I think I still have that copy somewhere.

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    Ah, but there might soon be a Hinkley Point C

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    I hope there will be a Hinkley Point C, I need to be kept in a job 🙂

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    Propper missed a trick here – Chapelcross Power Station, slap bang in the middle of the 7 Stanes

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    now that’s a real mini

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    I don’t think the 7 Stanes project existed back then when we did that.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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