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  • “Singletrack Biking in the USA with ESTA” sponsored article
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    I’m going to get into trouble for this, but there is need to use e-visa to apply for an ESTA, you can, and probably should, apply directly to the US Dept of Homeland Security, who issue them. They’ll charge you $14 for it, whereas e-visa will charge you £29.95 for exactly the same thing.

    Apply here –

    These visa/passport/benefits application sites that charge an admin fee for which there is zero added benefit over going to the official government site are really a bit of a scam, and I’d expect STW to do a bit more due-diligence before taking promoted spots like this.

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    Are we still bumping?

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    Must say – that’s terrible that STW had that article! It’s a scam!

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    My subscription is up and renewal will depend on what the response is to this. Appreciate ST need income but promotion is, to me, unethical and not aligned with my view of how ST behave.

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    Oh the site that has incredibly annoying spammy autoplay adverts and click through advertising to get to the forum also has shady sponsored content? Well that is surprising.

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    that is incredibly manipulative – those links are absolutely NOT to the ESTA page. What a crock of shit!

    – take it down man, doesn’t matter what you are being paid, that is well dodgy

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    Mark’s reply is on the other thread

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