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    Have a look on Charlie the bike manger or velosolo foe your single speed bits.

    Perhaps try tensioning the chain using a blackspire stinger as opposed to a tensioner mounted in place of the rear mech or buy a cotic simple like me!

    Looks like the Stinger needs ISCG tabs.


    I think you can get one that you put in place of the shim on bottom brackets.


    Spacers from velosolo, dmr simple tension seeker worked for me.

    So my current master plan involves turning my trusty 1×10 hardtail into a singlespeed. I have some s/s chainrings already (33t & 36t). I need an 18t cog with a wide enough base to not knacker my Hope hub’s alloy splines. Some kind of spacers to laterally position the cog on the freehub. And some kind of chain tensioner. And a singlespeed-friendly chain. And a beard. Although I’d rather it didn’t cost a fortune it’s more important that it just works reliably through the wet months with minimal maintenance. Enlighten me!


    I managed to “magic ratio” singlespeed a soul (old 130mm rated one) using 32-16. Could just have been luck based on the small amount of stretch in the chain I was using.

    Premier Icon Haze

    A simple 🙂

    This is a cheaper solution than buying another 1×10″ drivetrain for my beloved hardtail. Buying a new frame would cost more and be an act of betrayal!

    Really? Hasn’t singlespeed died a horrible death yet? Granted I’ve seen super fit dudes riding it on our normal trails but does your bike really need to be that winter proof? Looks like misery to me and I don’t even feel the need to winterise my FS to be honest.


    Dunno what forks you’re running – but I had SID’s on mine, and it was as light as a very light thing! I ran 38 / 17 (was waiting for a rear mech to turn up – it’s now 2 x 10) which was great for offroad use, but ‘found me out’ on longer road climbs. The Gusset Double Six sprockets are pretty good at not destroying Hope freehubs too.

    I enjoy using it geared, but it was also great as a single speed.

    [/url] DSCF3198

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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