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  • Premier Icon simon1975

    I thought about it for my fixie but I run SPD’s and, having stripped down some M540’s once I can’t face swapping the axles over again… All those little balls – grrr!

    Obviously you can’t run a disc brake 😉

    Your freewheel would go the wrong way. i.e. you could only go backwards!

    There may be some hubs you could disassemble and then reassemble the freewheel mechanism to work the other way around, but I’ve no idea which ones myself.

    simon1975 makes a good point about disc brakes too, but again, on frames with swapouts on, that may be overcome without too much drama.


    Never done it but it’s certainly possible. BMX guys use left hand drive sometimes, I think for ramp use… Nonetheless, you can get left threaded hubs and freewheels. You can use either the bmx cranks designed for such setups or tandem stoker cranks. Just flipping your current cranks around will likely result in pedals coming unscrewed.


    Just attach your SPD cleats backwards and learn to clip in the wrong way….


    Any one tried running left hand drive on an mtb?

    Just to be even more niche?

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    A lot of the freestyle Fixed riders have lefty drive trains. Something to do with which side they peg grind. But they tend to use BMX cranks and flat pedals with great big Velcro toe straps not SPDs.


    I had lhd on my bmx, I grind on the right so it keeps everything out of the way

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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