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  • Singlespeed set-up – what am I doing wrong?
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    How worn are the parts?


    Is your doofer sprung up or down? (does it wrap enough around the rear sprocket?), is any of the kit worn?

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    Is this you

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    MOst ss sprockets are sized for an 8-speed chain so the 10-speed may be too narrow and not sitting on the teeth. Also a geared-compatible chainring up front won’t be as smooth as a ss specific one due to the shaped and shortened teeth.

    8-speed chain about £8
    Non-ramped chainring about £15

    Also a sprung tensioner would be better than the doofer – I could never get mine to maintain tension well. I ended up with a superstar one.


    doofer and ramped 32t XT chainwheel here but 9speed and 9 speed chain with no problems from what I’ve read as looking at going 10speed single 10speed ramped chainwheels are a no go (also I’ve not got “the power”)


    I had same issue, bought a non ramped one (Surly I think) and didn’t fall off again.

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    I recently set up my Cotic Soul with a singlespeed parts set, which usually lauguishes in my spares box.

    The parts consist of: an On One Doofer tensioner (looks generic – threads in to where the derailleur goes), a 16T cog in place of the cassette, a shortened XTR 10-speed chain and a 32T XT M780 ring up front. I have a feeling that those last two parts are the culprits… 😳

    It all works fine until I put a lot of torque down through the cranks – e.g. when going up a steep incline. The chain stays on, but “bangs” a lot.

    Do I need a dedicated (non-ramped) chainset ring and (wider) chain? Would a chain guide help?

    Thanks 🙂


    You tend to get this when you try and run used gear train parts that haven’t previously been used together and have worn at different rates. The problem comes then that even when you buy a new unramped chainwheel for instance it still may not fix the problem if the chain and the cog are still worn.

    If you are serious about single speeding I would advise buying a new 32T chainwheel – On One do a stainless one (£14.99) which is cheaper than the Surly one. Also buy an new 8-speed chain and a plain 16T cog for the back. On One does those too at £14.99 also.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    I had this previously on a SS setup.

    Felt like the chain was “slipping” around either the chainring or cog and would make a terrible bang.

    Turned out to be the pawl springs “slipping” on the ratchet inside the hub. Never did it when running geared, but started too as soon as I SS’d it.

    Probably the extra torque.

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