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  • Singlespeed rear tyre choices
  • I’ve been using Nobby Nic 2.2’s (tubed) snakeskin version for a few years but while they’re grippy and as the label says, pretty snake-bite-proof they don’t last long and are rather pricey.
    Anyone got a better (and cheaper) suggestion? Must have plenty of grip for climbing and decent sidewalls.


    I always liked my On-One Smorgasbords. About £15 an end, and run one for the last 700km on my SS. Still has plenty of life left. They do ones for 26 and 29ers.


    RRs for ANY singlespeed, no matter the terrain, rideing style etc.


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    Went from NoNi to Specialised Storm Control this winter and apart from being a bit draggy on the road they seem great.
    Considering the reviews I expected them to be rubbish on roots but they are actually better than the NN.

    I’d rather stab myself to death with a spoon than use any Schwalbe tyres ever again.

    I’m about to get some On-Ones for my Five and if they prove to be as good as the hype I’ll probably get some for the singlespeed as well since I ride the same trails/terrain on both bikes.

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    Mud-X here for winter mud clearance and grip.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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