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  • balfa

    Searching for singlespeed hardtail frames setup for big forks with slack head angles. Will be running a rohloff so not actually singlespeed but i'd rather not run a tensioner. This will be an only bike so needs to be fairly practical and comes in a 19-20" frame size.

    So far the list is a little minimal,

    Nicolai Argon (Bit pricey!)
    Transition Trans AM (anyone ridden one of these?)
    Santa Cruz Chameleon (Again a bit pricey!)

    Any others out there?


    Cotic Simple can run up to 130mm, is that big enough?


    Head angle is 70deg on the soul same as my current Mk1 PA. Looking for something slacker and maybe burlier. I think my search may be fairly futile.


    Would sir be looking for something like this perhaps? 8)

    Though perhaps without the silly 'Big Apple' balloon tyres… 😆

    not exactly a singlespeed of course… hammerschmidt + alfine 😉


    Evil Sovereign?
    (I know it's got no chain and gear cable – awaiting the last bits to finish it to arrive from CRC)

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    P7 for burliness and sliding dropouts?

    ir_bandito off these parts had a rolhoff'd Cotic Simple and the rear wheel wouldn't stay put – needed tugs both sides so he got a Thorn Raven Enduro instead.


    Pace 305…

    +1 Evil Sovereign.
    I wish I could afford Alfine for mine – I reckon it'd be brilliant.

    Pretty much fits the bill though, and you will be extremely hard pressed to find anything that's more fun to ride (that's what it's all about right?)


    I've got a new & unbuilt Woodman D m/l frame for sale if you are looking for a more budget option. Slidey dropouts 1.5 headtube etc (google for pics). £400 inc Sherman breakout plus 20mm, Orbit extreme pro headset, spacers and stem all new and never built into bike.


    I'd love a Soverign but I just don't think the large would be big enough for xc duties being 6'4. Plus its not exactly cheap either!

    Thanks for the offer Norton but again think it would be a litle on the small side.

    get your legs shortened and get a Sovereign. It'll be a slow painful recovery from the surgery but ultimately worth it.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    NS Bikes? They make hardtails for long forks with horizontal dropouts, and they're a good price. I had a geared Bitch for a while, great fun but a bit small for all day stuff, think they make some bigger ones now though.

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