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  • curlie467

    Drop to a 16t on the back, you will be fine.


    i used to mess about a lot changing from 17-18-19-20T.

    then i looked at a cassette and saw 2T jumps are normal 3T not unusual.

    I hardly bother anymore…


    The sums say it’ll be about 6% harder if you drop a tooth. It’ll only cost you one cog to try.


    I even get an answer that includes maths! Well impressed!
    My main concern is that 32 16 would be equivalent to something like a 32 14 on 26er and I’m pretty sure that running in that gear all the time would be quite gruelling…..
    But then taking on board the cassette comment I agree that the change could/ should/ would be minimal(ish)


    I run 32:16 (52″ gear) on a 26″ bike with large hills (yes sometimes I have to walk)
    I also run 35:17 (60″ gear) at work where it is flat with some shallow climbs or short steep stuff. I run (fast shuffle) the short steep stuff when I can’t climb it but that’s deliberate. Essentially the 60″ gear is great for this area and I don’t spin out. While it had cross tyres on making the effective gear smaller it got a bit too spinny in places as there are quite a few bits of tarmac I use.
    Play with this

    I’d say go one tooth at a time and accept the extra costs. Although ask your friends and they might have cogs you can borrow.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    I’d change to a 33 on the front personally – also Midlands based. I run 32-16 on a 650 and can climb everything locally except Bardon Hill.


    We are all different, just depends on your riding areas and compromise to suit. Otherwise you back to a geardangular.


    I need the advice of any die- hard singlespeeders!
    I’m currently running 32-18 on a 29er for Midlands based riding.
    TBH the gearing is generally ok but can feel a bit ‘spinny’ on the flat, so far for my riding the gearing has not been an issue climbing
    As I don’t want to buy lots of rear sprockets how much increase of effort is there by dropping 1 or two teeth from the rear cog?
    I.e. if I drop one tooth to a 17 will I really notice or would 2 teeth mean my legs fall off?

    I prefer to have to smash up hills and collapse at the top or dismount and run up them, than the frustration of spinning out on the flat.
    I’ve found 36/16 excellent on my hardcore hardtail and find that if it’s too steep to ride then generally my geared mates have dismounted before me anyway.

    Rob Hilton

    We are all different, just depends on your riding areas and compromise to suit.

    QTF. I use 38:15 on a 26″ cos I live in the (mostly) flatlands, I’ve ridden NyA 32:17 and I nearly died 🙂 Got round pretty quick though.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    My rule of thumb is you can always find a few more revs out of your legs but never an extra ounce of grunt when you need it.

    So I gear low.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    I’m just getting into it and have two gears on a 26″. Ride around Bham. 35 x 17 for local rolling routes and 35 x 19 for Wyre, Cannock etc. 35 x 17 is perfect for my local rides but would probably kill me at this moment in places like the Wyre.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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