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  • Singlespeed/fixie in the High Peak
  • Premier Icon isitafox
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    Anyone tried it or a similar location?
    I fancy something to have a play on over the winter and singlespeed or fixie is appealing but I don’t know if there’s a decent gear ratio I can pull off around here!
    (I’m in Chapel-en-le-Frith if that helps so won’t be sending it up Winnats Pass or anything!)

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    I used to only ride a SS off road – inc most of the Peaks.

    I used 32:16 on 26″ wheels, very rarely had to push (Jacobs ladder being an exception).

    [url=]1FG at 'That post'[/url] by Ben Freeman, on Flickr

    Premier Icon tuboflard
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    Edge of the Peak for me but ride my singlespeed probably more than most other bikes. Aside from the odd climb which I have to get off and push most things are rideable, especially around Totley Moor, Eastern Edges and the like.

    I used to live in Hathersage and ride from there too, Mam Tor broken road, track to Jaggers Clough (no, not the bit after the ford!), most of Pin Dale all rideable if I was fit and on it. That’s half the fun though isn’t it? Trying things on the edge of your ability.

    Bike was and still is a 29+ Singular Rooster. Probably my most treasured bike and now in full winter guise. 32/18 if I remember right.

    Premier Icon bob_summers
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    Basque country here but running a fixed on road, used to run a 26″ ss love/hate, got a fixed CX bike waiting for tyres and lower gearing, which I’ve earmarked for fire roads, etc.

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    I used to ride with a couple of lads who rode full ridgid fixies in the peaks. Waves at Chris and Simon if they are on here.

    I always thought it was to make riding with a slower group more fun. I made the mistake of riding behind them once down hill. Their wheel locking shenanigans were a frequent shock!

    Every time I had to faff with gears or buy worn out cassette I thought about trying it. Every grinding peaks climb told me never to try it 😂

    Premier Icon paule
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    I used to, and will hopefully soon start again, ride singlespeed in the peaks from the Sheffield side. 32-16 on 26″ and 33-18 on 29″. Managed most climbs on them, and only stopped when I bought a full sus instead.

    Premier Icon cloggy
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    Living well away from National Parks virtually all tracks round here are grass. I found I just couldn’t get enough grip on grassy steeps, kept spinning out. Fatter tyres may have solved that?

    Premier Icon wishiwascalledsteve
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    Not Peaks but Calderdale/Pennine area, 30/18 with 650b wheels gets me up most climbs.

    Premier Icon Spin
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    I’ve ridden fixed MTB a lot over the last 10 years, mainly in the Highlands and everything from trail centres to long natural loops.

    It’s a blast and you learn loads about handling but it is harder work and sometimes you can’t be bothered with that.

    Last incarnation was 29er with 2.5″ tyres and 34/20. Pretty spinny on the way down but necessary for the big climbs.

    Premier Icon thepodge
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    I had 32:18 round Ladybower / Hope valley area for a few years and a fixie round Sheffield.

    Gave up as I couldn’t keep up on the down hills off road and could never find the right gear on road.

    Very tempted to build a ss klunker / hack bike out of my spares but not sure I’d ever use it.

    Premier Icon nbt
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    I’m in Marple, ran 32:16 on26″ wheels for years then 32:18 on 29″ wheels. I’m not saying I could ride everything, but by the peak of my SS fitness I’d cleaned more or less every climb at least once – some of them followed by “I’m never trying that again”. Riden most of the stuff local to you on it, all round Calderdale and so on as well. I’m somewhat tempted to try it again as I stil have the SS crankset, though I’d leave the suspensions forks on rather than going back to full rigid SS

    Richpips is in Hayfield, used to ride fixed offroad, with drop bars

    Premier Icon simon1975
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    Yes, still at it. Not fixed around there very often but nearly always singlespeed on my Cotic Simple with 30:17 for proper hill-climbing. The novelty of fixed in the hills wore off after a while but I still ride my local stuff in Notts on fixed CX bike. Occasionally take the fixed ScandAl into the Peak when conditions are grim.

    Also done Moab, Crested Butte, Telluride etc as well as Mallorca, Garda, Canaries etc all on the single gear. Still works for me!

    Hi Martin!

    Premier Icon finbar
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    I have a 32:16 jump bike and I can’t even clear the climb on the path from the back lane of my house up to the golf course, nevermind get out into the Peak proper. I reckon I’d want 30:18. Ran 43:19 on fixed gear in Sheffield which worked well for me.

    Premier Icon kerley
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    Singlespeed is easy as you can run a low gear such as 52″. Try running a 52″ fixed and the downhills become a problem as you will be spinning at 200rpm before you know it and if riding in an area with a lot of hills you will need a higher gear which will then be harder up the hills. I would stick to single speed in very hilly areas…

    Premier Icon isitafox
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    Cheers for the advice, deffo doable then!
    Was looking at the Vitus Vee recommended in another thread as it pretty much fits the bill other than the size, large only suits up to 6’1″ (I’m a smidge over 6’2″) and someone said it’s a bit short and I have a long upper body/arms.
    Does anyone know of something similar?
    Can potentially go down the frame only route as I have some wheels, bars and a few other bits but would have to be cheap

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    @isitafox If you want to build something up, one of my mates is stripping the components of a Dawes Super Galaxy that’s 25½”.

    They build up into nice singlespeeds.

    The frame is a bit scabby, but looks sound to me – I’d get it myself if it was smaller.

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