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  • Dibbs

    Middleburn Uno on one bike and FSA K-Force Light BB30 on the other.


    I have blue bikes too 🙂

    Premier Icon miketually

    On my Solitude, I have Sugino XD cranks on a Shimano square taper BB, with a 34t Surly ring. It’s been flawless and never touched since it was installed 5 years ago.

    On my Inbred, I have Deore cranks on a Shimano HTII BB, with a 32t On-One ring. The BB siezed after the second ride (which, to be fair was the very wet Kielder 100 last year, after which it was dumped in a slightly damp garage for weeks) and the left-hand crank keeps coming loose.

    Dave Nice runs an old Dura Ace crank on his fixie, which he just rode on the Tour Divide so it must be ok.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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