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  • Premier Icon billyboy

    Cycling home from the bike club do at 1am last week I had the following quasi-religious experience which was ‘so not profound’ that I’ve committed it to attempted poetry.

    Unexpected Conversion on a road that didn’t go to Damascus.

    Deep in the winter night
    in the deep winter cold
    I laboured up past Killick Fold
    with alcohol pulling heavy on my soul.

    I made the fields above
    with their covering of snow
    and there the moon shone bright
    revealing a wonderful vista below.

    Awestruck, I paused to take in this view
    and experienced a fundamental CONVERSION,
    tho I hardly knew, to being a SINGLESPEEDER,
    coz my f*****g gear wires had frozen through.


    Conclusion….by all means wash your bike in the winter when you can but it pays to lube the wires with GT85 or similar aswell. I knew that from previous experience but I had forgoten. It took a lot longer to get home than it should have done.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    it should have become both more spiritual AND faster, surely

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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