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  • Singlespeed conversion, recommend me some parts!!
  • timc

    Looking to run my HT single speed, been single speed before, but never done it myself.

    So questions I have are based around what kit would people recommend?

    Best 32T Chainring to go on a XT M770 Chainset?

    Best 16T rear cog to go onto a Hope Pro II (Thinking Superstar wide spaced one)?

    Best Chain?

    Best Chain tensioner?

    Any help or recommendations on any of these be most appreciated 🙂


    Good ol’ Charlie the Bikemonger has all you need here.

    What he said ^^

    Def wide spaced sprocket!

    Rob Hilton

    + many for Charile’s stuff. The kits are good.

    I use:

    Gusset Bachelor (tried a Superstar spring loaded one that confused me and (I think) died 🙂 )

    Stretch resistant KMC chain

    Whatever chainrings I’ve got – currently on a 38 with 36s in the spares bin

    Switch between wide & normal footed cog (for when I hit the mountains!) – can’t really see any diff.

    You may find 32:16 a bit easy – obv. depends on variables, I normally use 38:15, but I’m harder than Chuck Norris.
    It’s also quite flat where I live :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Surly stainless rings are nice but std Deore steel ones work well enough.
    You’ll need shorter chainring bolts to fit it. A cheapo non-wide base steel cog will make a mess of a Hope 2 freehub, so don’t skimp. The Superstar ones are good for the money. Never used a tensioner so can’t offer any advice there.


    looking at my chain set now, would these single speed specific rings sit inner or outer on the chainset? is it something to consider or does it not matter?

    thanks for above advise, browsing net now 🙂


    Pretty happy with the stuff I got from Velo Solo, also on one

    I would say a single speed specific chain(non ramped) is more important than a single speed chainring in ensuring the chain does not slip, I use KMC 610HX and would recommend highly. Have a couple of superstar wide base cogs, one is round other one a bit eggy, however with a tensioner its not a big deal.


    As above, Kmc 610hx chain.

    Goldtech chainring.

    Superstar wide sprocket kit.

    Leave extra chain if your trying 16t. 16t was too steep for me so I’ve gone to 18.

    So I have a chain that is now too short and a 16t sprocket spare. If you using a tensioner then I presume you can tension a slightly longer chain. Mines a slotted dropout.

    As for inside or outside, not sure but the spacers at the back can be used to adjust the chainline.

    Good luck.

    Premier Icon merlinshearer

    Charlie the Bike Monger rear sprocket
    DMR Chain Tensioner
    Blackspire Chain ring
    Whatever chain was in the spares bin!

    The Chain ring runs on the inside of the chain set to enable me to get a straight as possible chain line

    Run 38/18 or 38/16 depending on where I’m riding


    Reckon you should service your forks first 😉

    Looking to do the same thing with an old frame, so reading all the advice given with interest.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Got some neat little chaintugs, SS SRAM Chain and 1 new 16 tooth set up, 18 tooth set up and a spar 15 tooth sprocket you can have for £30 posted.

    The whole lot’s doen a max of 100 miles on the road.

    Premier Icon merlinshearer

    update to yesterdays post – after this mornings ride switched back to 38/20 as I’m not as fit as I thought! 🙁

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