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    I’m a relative newbie to SS’ing – I converted my old bike to SS using one of CTBM’s kits – all good – so much so, that the chain, and sprocket wore out so I have replaced them with new and gone to a SS-specific Salsa chain ring.

    On the highly scientific ‘test it up and down the street’ the chain seems to skip/slip when under load (honking out of the saddle)

    I think the chain-line looks ok. The sprocket was just a cheapo 16t from CTBM.

    Would a more expensive cog with taller teeth make much difference?

    Would shortening the chain help?

    Thanks in advance

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    Frame flex or slightly bent hanger can result in skipping.

    Cn you get the tensioner to push up for better wrap?


    get that chain as short as possible


    Freehub skipping?
    Chainwrap round the sprocket – try a push up tensioner (bodge with cable tie to test or shorter chain)
    Narrow chain meaning that the sprocket teeth are not engaging the chain properly (can also be a bent hanger throwing the alignment out on the front chainring) – try a straight edge to check the chain line with tensioner fitted.

    Premier Icon dawson

    Don’t know about the tensioner, would have to look to see if I could reverse the spring somehow, so it pushed up


    I had the same tensioner and the same problem, having the chain as short as possible and therefore increasing chain wrap sorted it for me. I wasn’t able to reverse the spring, you may have more creativity/engineering skill than me however. I run a Gusset bachelor and it’s does a fine job.


    if you cant reverse the spring,take it out,and use a cable tie wrapped around the chain stay and tensioner in ‘pull up mode’
    it WILL work !
    shorten chain as much as possible,a half link may help.


    Shorten the chain and ask Charlie what he thinks


    Check the tensioner is loaded and working hard.
    If you can get another link out of the chain it will help a lot.

    Let me know how it goes

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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