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    Sounds good! Hope to see you there!


    I know it's a long way to go to ride round a bit and drink some beer, but for those of you that are interested here's some details and websites. It's in a place called Rotorua (New Zealand) which is about 2 1/2 hours drive from the airport in Auckland. I did the NZ national one there a few years ago, it was very well organised and the trails were nice, they are kind of on mud (but not 'muddy') and your surrounded by huge redwood trees and ferns. There is plenty of really nice safe campsites nearby, i recommend the one at the blue lake, it's very good. Here's a picture of the view from the campsite (if you camp in the front field and pier over the fence) & It's right near all the trails.

    it costs about $20 a night and have good facilities like cooking and washing, usual stuff. Also you can stay in backpackers for about $20 a night or motels for about $25 if 4 of you share.

    Here is the email from the rotorua single speed bunch:


    Dates for the 2010 Singlespeed Mountain Bike World Championships in Rotorua are online at
    You can subscribe to the event email list there, as well.

    We’ll keep everyone posted about any developments. However, you might need to add our new send address –"> – to your email address books so emails don’t get spammed out.
    A web site is under construction – it’s one we’ve used twice before now, so we're being good recyclers – and entries will open as soon as possible.
    We have also gone a bit high tech, with a facebook page
    This will be the main information singletrack till our website goes live…

    Don't forget that before the Worlds, there is the perfect tune-up for Kiwi riders with the New Zealand Singlespeed Championships, in Queenstown on April 24, 2010.


    Might see some of you there. 🙂


    Rotorua has killer trails by all accts – hmmm… maybe I need to lose a few gears and hope over the water to the Eastern Isles


    You can fly straight there from Oz now i think Langy! Or at least there are plans to i've heard.


    no danger ill get to go there then "im just popping back to nz to do a bike race dear" – although we do have mates in rotorua we could A crash with and B "go an see" to get it past the missus 🙁

    awesome trails though – rode my cross bike there last (uk) winter

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