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  • Single Speed Wheelset Build (recommendation)
  • After some advice. Am considering upgrading my s/s wheel set (hubs and Rims). A ground up "custom" build.

    I require them to be:
    – s/s specific
    – Sturdy
    – Lightish
    – cheapish (less than 200)

    Any recommendations?

    Premier Icon Jerome

    DMR revolver on 717 seem pretty bombproof
    I personally would look out for some Phil wood hubs, think the kiss off is the rear one and build those onto 717's or so.


    I have a DMR/Mavic rear and DT Swiss/Mavic front.

    The rear was about £80 but that was a few years back.

    The front and is only a few grams heavier than a MAvic SLR and was only about £130.



    There seems to be a gap in the market for a really gunkproof SS specific rear freehub type hub. I've even had 'issues' with my Chris King (water ingress to the hub internals and grit causing the axle threads to seize). I wouldn't touch any of the sub £100 freehub types for serious gunky riding, instead go for one of the screw on freewheel types (Surly, DMR) and invest ine a quality freewheel (White Industries), which will still blow your budget. When you consider that a Shimano Deore rear hub for £35 or thereabouts will easily last a couple of seasons it's really a sorry situation for singlespeeders wanting wheels that look the part.

    I have a Profile SS specific cassette rear hub whic I've never, ever touched… Not cheap, but excellent.


    Super star may be worth a look the s/s hubs look ok and a complete wheel is £99 I think and the hub was on offer for £45 a few weeks ago, I was going to get one but I had a deal on a Hope s/s wheel.

    I have used a DMR hub for about 6 years and only just replaced the bearings bloody good hub realy but alas it uses freewheels WI are the best but I have been through a few bearings with them ( lots of folk have no issues to be fair so it is just me I guess) this is why I have gone for a cassette hub

    Just built up a Superstar SS hub and its a real quality piece of kit. I got mine for 45 quid and for that price it is a reet bargain. (comes with spacers, bolts and a lockring).

    The freehub is much smaller than the Hope equivalent so whilst you cant run limited gears, it looks better as you dont have a bunch of spacers that make it look like a conversion. Only time will tell on the longevity, but I'm feeling confident.

    TBH I did like the look of the SSC hub especially at £45


    Duggie, does the Superstar Hub run on Cartridge bearings?

    yes 6001 2rs four of them

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I have a very nice set of 2009 blue Hope SS specific Pro 2 on practically unmarked Mavic EN321 rims that I was just about to put on the Classifieds. They were built by LifeCycles so are as good as any you'll find.

    I can even supply with lockring and singlespeed spacer sets – and even a cog if you need it too! Drop me a line if you're interested; email's in my profile and they'd be well under your budget, and hardly any miles on them either.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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