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    Surly Straggler. Should be able to put a really nice bike together for 1k.

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    Premier Icon Bez

    Can you even get non-shifting hydraulic drop bar levers?

    I am looking for a single speed CX style bike for commuting but struggling to find anything

    Budget £1000 max
    Mudgaurd mounts
    Hydraulic discs
    Under 10kg

    All I can find is the pinnacle akrose but its sold out

    I did think of buying a geared bike and fitting a EBB but they seem to be over £100 then i guess i will need bearings and maybe a different crank aswell?

    Any suggestions?



    TRP Hylex RS are hydraulic single-speed levers.

    Premier Icon root-n-5th

    TRP Hylex take care of hydro, single speed stopping duties.

    The first generation Cotic Escapade, which I have, has horizontal dropouts and is a more comfortable geometry than the Straggler, which is very long and low at the front. I like my Cross Check, but just wish it was shorter in reach. Plenty of horizontal dropout option, less EBB…

    Just wish Raleigh sold these over here.

    No way of getting that Raleigh here or anything like it for the money?

    Has anyone fitted a ebb to a boardman cx team?


    I’ve gone through the same journey, wanting a lightweight SS CX. There aren’t many out there. Other than the Pinnacle, there only seems to be the Niner RLT. Even getting a cheap frame (several older models at, you’re still looking at £1.5k for a SS build.

    I’ve ended up with a secondhand Genesis Day One Decade. Put some nicer wheels on it, and it’s very close to 10kg’s. No EBB (sliding drop-outs), but will take 40mm tyres, which I think is essential. Also don’t rule out TRP Spyres mechanical discs – I rate them higher than the SRAM CX1 hydro’s I’ve had previously.

    Also thought about fitting an EBB to a Boardman and the like, but never seen it done.



    This year’s Trek Crockett has a single-speed-friendly frame. There’s no single-speed build available and you might struggle to build something yourself for less than £1000.

    Norco once did an aluminium single speed belt drive CX bike but it was never sold over here.
    Raleigh do a carbon sscx with a belt drive, but again USA only. bet that would be nice and light.
    Probably not got mudguard mounts though.

    I really like belt drive for commuting. And tubeless.


    Is under 10kg that important for commuting?

    Premier Icon austen

    If you are happy to build something up, have a look for a Kona Private Jake frame, it has sliding dropouts so easy to SS.


    I appreciate this will probably be of little interest given your criteria, but I’ve got a Transition Rapture for this purpose. It’s a well built and really fun bike.

    Budget £1000 max – yep
    EBB – nope, horizontal dropouts, can run geared or singlespeed
    Mudgaurd mounts – nope, run Raceblade XLs
    Hydraulic discs – nope, got BB5s on mine, perfectly adequate for commuting and a bit of off road
    Under 10kg – dunno

    That being said I only bought it cos it was on sale for 599.


    If you want to race SS CX, personally I would choose either an EBB or a Paul Melvin tensioner. Puncturing a SS with reverse dropouts will end any race. It’s a pain to remove the wheel rapidly. Vertical dropouts definitely help here.

    You should be able to go under 10 kg. My frankencross uner that, and it’s steel (genesis ioid frame), 559 stans crests.


    I’m using a Problem Solvers EBB in my custom Singular Kite, with 46mm shell. Works really well, no creaking or slipping. That said, since busting my collarbone a few weeks back it’s now geared!


    Rapture has a clever dropout system that enables quick wheel removal/chainstay length adjustment. It’s very good.

    But doesn’t tick any of the other boxes!

    Doesnt need to be under 10kg but dont want overly heavy.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Hopefully someone can confirm if a ebb will fit in the boardman


    What’s the bb shell on the Boardman?

    Hopefully someone can confirm if a ebb will fit in the boardman


    Looking at the spec, yes, SRAM PF30 BB’s are 46mm (as opposed to BB30 which is 42mm), and so are the EBB converters.

    Just need to check if Boardman spec the GXP or BB30 variant of the chainset (or budget for a new chainset).

    Premier Icon jameso

    If you’re a medium size I can move the last Arkose SS here into the department that sells off ex-display bikes – MIP .. (if it was large I’d be giving it a home!)


    Im selling this

    Spot Ralleye

    Single speed with gates belt drive, avid cable brakes, very good, weighs 19lb, light all frame and carbon forks

    beautiful made frame, is amazing condition, you will struggle to find a mark on it

    52cm from centre of BB to top of seat collar

    £2600 new, wanting as near to £1000 as i can get

    click on link below, can’t get pic to show up here

    <img src=”; border=”0″ alt=” photo IMG_4326 2_zpslk6nww9n.jpg”/>

    Premier Icon drewd

    I’ve got no experience of this bike, or what you are after, but what about the
    Charge Plug Grinduro

    It’s weight isn’t stated, but I think the rest of the boxes are checked.

    Jameso i need a xl or i would be snapping it up, you don’t have any ex display arkose alfines as i could make that work?

    Cozz sadly too small for me

    Thanks again for all replys

    Premier Icon akira

    A lot of ex display models just gone up on the website, night be worth a browse. Evans website.

    Although no EBB and cable instead of hydraulic disks, the Genesis Day One Disk is a good commuter and can be had cheap second hand – £300-400?

    Still struggling so am considering heavy bikes

    Everything 2nd hand seems to be wrong size


    All-City Nature Boy 853.


    I very nearly bought the Charge Plug Grinduro from Wiggle when it was £499. It then went up to £799 and now it’s down to £699. Deffo worth a look.

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