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  • Premier Icon scandal42

    I am close to finishing my ss build, however im having an issue which im sure is simple but im hitting a block.

    I have fitted the spacers and ss ring, I have tightened the lock ring ( with great dificulty due to the threads in the freehub being a bit shabby) and put the wheel into the frame and tightened the qr.

    The issue is that the freehub will not rotate, it is stuck fast, I surely cant loosen it as the spacers will move about.

    What simple thing am I missing?

    P.s I have drank copious amounts of lovely ale in celebration of the foxes promotion to the top flight.


    Is the freehub “stuck fast” when the wheel isn’t mounted in the frame?
    Is the chain fitted yet? Too tight?
    Have you disassembled the axle? It sounds like a bearing cone locknut could be missing.
    What hub is it?

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Some hubs can jam on the ss spacers at the flange end or too many spacers and lock ring jamming on dropout. Check that and stuffabove.


    Congratulation. You have automatically progressed into fixed gear riding!

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Hub is a hope xc, spins smooth when I don’t have the qr done up.

    At a bit of a loss on this as if I take a spacer off I’m sure the spacers and cog will have a small amount of play

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Is there a gap between the lockring and the frame?


    Is the axle snapped???

    Sounds like the end caps are squeezing the bearings improperly ,or maybe an internal spacer is missing. Have you just bought the hub,or rebuilt it? Did it dothis before,when geared?

    Premier Icon scandal42

    I have just received them 2nd hand, seems I may have been done.


    Not yet, if the free hub moves when the wheel is out of the frame then it should be fixable

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Is the rotor too big for the caliper ?

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Rather bizarrely I have had this happen twice with secondhand hope wheel sets.

    Both had been serviced prior to sale and both had been re assembled with parts missing.

    The first pair were missing a bearing behind the freehub causing the splines to bind essentially creating a fixed wheel!

    The second pair were missing their internal axle spacer essentially causing the same thing to happen.

    Off the bike both wheels felt fine and spun freely but tightening the wheel in the frame caused what you are describing.

    That said may be completely unrelated.

    Plenty of exploded hope hub diagrams about and the hubs come apart with minimal fuss.

    What Mark said!
    Take the hub apart and compare it to an exploded diagram. There are how-to vids on Hope’s website and parts are widely available,often cheaply.
    When you take the freehub off, watch the pawls and springs. They like to make a bid for freedom, often making their lair under the fridge where they camouflage themselves in fluff…


    I had a very similar issue using a hope hub ,and in my case the lockring that came with the single speed spacer kit was thicker than a normal cassette lockring and binding on the dropout.
    Replaced it with a normal cassette lockring which gave more clearance and happy days.

    Easy way to tell if theres a actual fault with the hub is mount it without anything on the freehub body,mount it into the drop outs and tighten the quick release, if everything spins freely then it would indicate that the axle bits are all fine ,same goes for if the freehub body turns freely by hand.

    If you using a normal cassette lockring and its binding on the drop out it could be that the overall length on spacers and sprocket is more than a standard cassette effectively making the lockring sit further out than normal, it may only be a mm or so but can be all the difference.


    Easy to way to check if it’s the lockring binding on the drop outs is to put a good straight edge across the lockring and see if you see a gap/light before the axle spacers.
    In theory the straight edge shouldn’t sit across the lockring flat but teeter on the axle spacer.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    If you’re still stuck Scandal I’m free to look at it this afternoon if you’d like?

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Right, thanks so much for the various advice and amazing offer of help schmiken, bloody excellent.

    I have fixed the issue after using my main bike as a comparison and managed to do a bit of fettling, I’m not sure if I had enough spacer overlapping the edge of the freehub body. I mimicked the cassette on my hardtail and it seemed to work perfectly.

    The thread of the hub didn’t like the ss locking though, but it seems to have bedded now.

    Thanks again chaps.

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