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  • Premier Icon peteimpreza

    The Dalmore 10yr old
    The Dalmore 15yr old
    Isle of Jura Superstition
    Isle of Jura 10yr
    Isle of Jura 12yr
    Bunnahabhain 12yr

    What others should I try in the £30 to £50 price range?


    laphroaig quarter cask
    laphroaig un chill filtered series
    that’ll do!

    Try some Yamazaki. Seriously. Everyone should try some, regardless.

    Celtic Nations, I still have a bottle £50 to you.
    Caol Isla
    Old Pulteney

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Hooja are they similar to my list?


    Jura Elixir ?( only in sainsburys for some reason)


    A lot smokier and a lot better, according to my taste buds. I didn’t like Jura superstition at all.
    Just try the std laphroaig first mmmmmm


    Bit if a mix there. Some peated, some not. Lightly peated Islay malts like Jura, possibly Bruichladdich or Caol Illa. Clynlish is a nice malt a bit like Dalmore.


    +1 on the Bruichladdich

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Benromach Organic. You’ll not find a better dram at that price point, and it’s in a similar vein to the ones you mention. Seriously, track it down.

    Highland Park is worth a punt too.

    +1 for Caol Ila, hugely underrated malt.

    Hooja are they similar to my list?

    Not even remotely. It’ll put hairs on your chest though.

    Balvenie doublewood, to mellow out the smoke.

    the teaboy

    You like one distillery in the Highlands and a few of the more accessible Island/ Islay malts.

    I’d suggest trying more from different regions without spending a fortune. Miniatures are the way forward! My local scotch shop is starting to decant big bottles into little bottles and is doing a miniature from each of the regions with tasting notes as a beginners tasting kit. 6 for £30 I think and you get to try the main 6 styles of traditional scotch.

    Alternatively, my recommendation would be Highland Park – a little bit of smoke and lots of heathery stuff. I can’t stand Laphroaig, personally.


    Lagavulin 16 seeing as you like Islay – king of TCP whisky IMO. 🙂

    Tried Yamazaki, wasn’t into it.


    this might help…
    I’m a top left man myself


    Scapa 16 yo best dram I’ve had in a long time. Talisker would be worth a shot Or Highland Park as mentioned.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Bunnahabhain, Bowmore – my favourite.


    Benromach organic +1
    Highland Park +1
    Balvenie Doublewood +1

    I like those three a lot


    I like most of them.
    If you enjoy Bunnahabain then the 18 year old isn’t cheap, but well worth it.
    Springbank also worth a try…mmmm..whisky.

    I have a bottle of Kilchoman got it for Christmas, worth finding as whiskeys follow the same formula for buying bikes.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    If you like diesel, you’ll love laphroig.

    Serious- if you like Bunnahabhain, try Glenkinchie, it’s not the same but it’s got some similiarities- just a wee bit more forceful. But then Bunnahabhain and Jura are pretty different IMO

    Don’t rule out the more recognised brands… just because a label is mainstream doesn’t mean it’s pish.

    Nobody has mentioned Glenmorangie or Glenlivet yet – they do some nice aged malts.

    For me I like different extremes for different moods / occasions;
    Laphroaig, plenty of speysides, all the way through to ‘easier drinkers’ – usually something in a triangular bottle.

    Everyone should have a range of tastes in the quiver…

    Hooja – Seriously? Think you’ve been sniffing too many field bandages.

    Each to his own and all that but I find Laphroaig absolutely god awful stuff.

    Caol Isla on the other hand…

    If you like the Bunnahabhain, try Dalwhinnie. Similar taste but a bit more delicate.

    Premier Icon igm

    Captain – Yamazaki, and this is speaking as a Scot, is actually rather nice. Not top flight, but fairly accessible and neither bland nor rough. As I recall they bought a Scots distillery (Bowmore?) and made the head distillery an offer he couldn’t refuse to set up a distillery in far flung lands – this of course made be the western isles equivalent of an urban myth.


    Does it have to be single malt and whisky? Or would a blended whiskey be OK?

    You could get a Jamesons reserve or maybe even a gold reserve, both are really smooth drinking whiskeys.

    If it must be single malt, then you can’t go wrong with a Macallan another one I tried and enjoyed recently was a Glenfiddich Solera Reserve or as mentioned earlier a lot of the Japanese stuff is very good.

    If you want to find out if you like laphroaig, get a glass of cheap blended whisky and mix in a spoonful of Germalene and you’ll get the general idea!


    Definitely go with the graph brakes posted. Kinda looks like anything in the bottom half of the graph would be worth you trying – I’d maybe suggest the Balvenie Double wood.


    Ardbeg and Highland Park 🙂


    given your penchant for the juras – id try an arran 10 or 12 its a bit more in your face than the jura but i like jura ALOT and the arran is comparable.

    laphroig – try eating some cardboard soaked in bells 8 YO that would be about right .


    Funny how the people who aren’t man enough to handle Laphroaig feel the need to slag it off. 😉

    Bruichladdich Sherry Classic is another goodun – shame it’s been discontinued since Remy Martin took over. 👿



    Bruichladdie Rocks (can you still get that? haven’t seen it for ages)

    Caol Isla +1

    And as mentioned above – don’t discount blended either. Grant’s Sherry Cask is particularly nice (green label). As it can be had for under £15, it’s got to be worth a punt.

    Laphroaig – drunk enough of it to be sure.

    I’d describe it more as a badge of honour / rite of passage / something you suffer to humour your host type whisky. But it will always come in handy on the battlefield. 😉

    Glengoyne – Tea Pot Dram, very tasty and enjoyable.


    Glenfiddich 15 is the new (same as) the old Solera, and what a fantastic drop that is. It has the honey like mellowness you probably like from Jura but with a more solid wood/sherry influence; so I would highly reccomend this.

    Springbank tends to be expensive but they are special (also goes for Longrow).

    The other thing is to step away from your comfort zone… gently.

    Old Pultenay is a favouite of mine for it’s salty like tang.

    Glenfarclas and Aberlour are often overlooked but are fantastic with a bigger body than some other Speysiders. Especially the cask strength and 15+ versions.

    Talisker I love for it’s peppery-spicey-ness.

    Highland park is always good and I’ve enjoyed a Scapa if you can find one.

    Laphroaig/Ardbeg/Lagavulin as mentioned because they are what they are… pure mental for Laphroaig.

    Benromach organic is more like a Bourbon than a traditional Whisky because of it’s use of new oak. One to try for sure.


    +1 for Caol Ila

    CaptainFlashheart – Member
    Try some Yamazaki. Seriously. Everyone should try some, regardless.

    try this if you like drinking kerosene. Awful stuff in my experience.

    You might also like to try one of the limited run blends that feature large quantities of Islay malt. Big Peat is good, and there’s a new bunnahabhain malt blend that I bought in Belfast airport duty free on Monday. Will report back on how good it is.


    Alternatively, my recommendation would be Highland Park – a little bit of smoke and lots of heathery stuff. I can’t stand Laphroaig, personally.


    Seeing your list, I’d also recommend the Glenkinchie (esp the Distiller’s edition if you can find one in your price range).


    whisky is weird and very much down to taste – I think Laphroaig is one of the easiest whiskies to drink and very moreish.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Laphroaig is good stuff, but it certainly isn’t an easy drink. It’s an acquired taste (but well worth acquiring).


    Unfortunately i cant supply you the bottle or the contents but i do frequent the cabinet shop that makes the cases

    World’s Oldest Whiskey: Mortlach 70 Year Old


    love it

    Some liquors are aged. Others are just freaking ancient

    “Benromach Organic. You’ll not find a better dram at that price point, and it’s in a similar vein to the ones you mention. Seriously, track it down.”

    “Scapa 16 YO”

    These are both the same type of taste that you like, but each has it’s own personality.
    Most replies above are nothing like the whiskys you say you like.


    Just spent my lunchtime in Gordon and Macphail’s in Elgin. Was like a child in a sweet shop. Bought a half bottle of Linkwood 15yr, and another of Mortlach 15yr both of which are very nice. Also got a bottle of Glenrothes Select Reserve, which is quite subtle with a really nice marzipan finish.
    Have been designing a distillery expansion for the last few months from the office and just had my first visit to site this week so have got my ‘whisky head’ on at the moment. Such an interesting industry to work in, and the smell in the still house is just amazing.


    Looking at that chart, I’ll drink everything from Highland Park north. I have a particular fondness for Laphroig.
    And Lagavulin. And I have a little drop left of a 1991 Caol Ila Signatory Vintage…
    Mmmmmmmm! 😀
    It’s worth checking out the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference range. The 12yo Islay is very beguiling.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Jura Elixir is well worth seeking out if you like your Juras. I’d say it’s a more drinkable expression than either the 10YO or the Superstition. Strangely, though, only available from Sainsbury’s supermarkets, and in half bottles. But quite often on special offer as well at around £13.

    But using the old “how quick does a bottle take to empty” yardstick, which is the ultimate arbiter of how nice a whisky is, my most favoured recent discovery is Old Pulteney 12YO. Very smooth with a lovely tang o’ the briny off it.


    Cardhu and Tamdhu I find rather to easy to finish. Same with Glenlivet Smith 12yr
    Big fan of Glengoyne 10yr.
    craggenmore 10 is worth a look.
    Tomatin is very good.
    Really like any thing out of Oban.
    Talisker is great and brings on very many happy memories.

    I could keep going for ages with names as I can honestly say that I have not found a bottle I have diliked over the years, my list preferences is more than i am capable of remembering. What I have started looking at is some the independent bottles of single malts rather than the distilleries own label. Companies that do not have colour added or the spirit messed about (chill filtered). When ever I’m in Tomintuol I nip into the Whisky Castle, great little shop. Taste loads, learn loads, spend far to much. It makes me proud that our companies product is used in the malting process, there’s nothing like a good site visit.

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