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  • Premier Icon Northwind

    My Carrera Kraken. It wasn’t very good but it got me mountain biking, then it was a parts mule for the next bike, then some of the parts went off to mates’ bikes, and now I built a rigid XC bike around the frame. Never had such mileage from any other £200 spend.


    ’95 Kona Cindercone, 1st proper Off-Road bike, had a British Eagle which was good at the time but the Kona knocked spots off it.


    Going singlespeed


    D0NK – Member
    bet his lights were rubbish and battery life non-existant. How did you not end up on the list anyway? you own more aldi stuff than me!

    He’s on it under another category, my lights rock, you’re lucky I let you see them. If you keep on I’ll put up a boring video of them which you won’t be able to help yourself, will watch and waste more valuable minutes of your life….


    I retract Z1s. I’m not sure I can put it into monetary terms, but getting properly fit has transformed my ridding.

    ’93 GT Pantera, got me into riding.
    ’97 Niterider Pro 6, got me into night riding.
    ’98 Kranked II video, first time I’d seen north shore or freeriding, totally inspired me to develop my riding.
    ’00 Red Bull 24hr entry. First endurance race, our fun team got all serious when we discovered we were in the top 10 at some point, ended up finishing something like 13th.
    ’03 Sleepless in the Saddle. Met my better half there (everybody now, awwwwww……)


    mountain bikes that don’t weigh a ton, are reliable, not expensive, and fairly light

    widely available since the mid/late 90s, not so much before that


    thepurist – Member

    Apart from a bike, a day with Jedi.

    thepurist and thomthumb that blows me away 🙂


    I had my Jedi training free as an early guinea pig, so that doesn’t count. 😉


    About eight grand moving to BC and riding for 8 months straight.

    Trips are better than Stuff.


    My first disc brakes, I couldn’t believe how much better than cantis they were in the wet


    wa, those were the days eh 🙂

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER

    Tubeless tyres – one puncture in 5 years as opposed to 5 in one ride.


    The right sized/ Shaped frame: It seems you cant always make a bike fit by swapping stems and moving the seat.

    My Orange 5, then my Troutie Lumen Liberator, Welgo flats and the recent purchase a pair of 5:10’s

    ade ward

    29 inch wheels

    After designing and riding full Suspension bikes since late 90’s
    A couple of years ago I got a ragley td 1
    It was a revelation

    Premier Icon DezB

    This, in 2007:

    Now looking slightly different:

Viewing 16 posts - 41 through 56 (of 56 total)

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