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  • Simple-to-use Mobile for Elderly
  • Premier Icon euain
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    A question for the fount of all knowledge:

    I’m seeking a simple mobile phone that will be easy for an elderly person to use.

    Requirements as you’d imagine –
    [*]Easy to read – eyesight getting poor[/*]
    [*]Simple to use – processing skills not as good as once were[/*]
    Battery life, size etc. all very much secondary concerns to the above.

    I’m sure I’ve seen similar topics before but can’t find them – and things may have moved on.

    All advice gratefully received.

    Premier Icon Stoner
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    I think the Doro brand ones are the go-to fisher-price style phones for the oldies.

    lots of options, from speedial 4x button to flip phones. etc

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    you can get an android app that puts about 4-6 buttons on the screen of any phone

    (some others)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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