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  • spence

    I use a T-Mobile Pay by The Day nano sim when out there, unlimited Talk, Text and Data (4G) for $3 a day. Get a sim from any t-mobile shop or both in a mall.


    We’re off to the USA for a couple of weeks soon, and I’d like to get a SIM for my phone. All I’m really interested in is data for using it as a sat-nav
    I just want something I can buy, with a decent data allowance built in, and not have to worry about topping it up

    Phone is an unlocked iP5, so I’ll need a nano sim too

    Any suggestions?


    Where are you? I’ve got a phone & Sim for the US that I bought earlier this year. It’s a basic smart phone on a PAYG package that includes unlimited data, inclusive texts and calls. Bought together in the US so no compatability issues.

    It’s just sitting around gathering dust, so I’m happy to lend it out. Just needs topping up on arrival.

    Email me if you’re interested


    You’ll trash any data allowance if you use it as a satnav and coverage might not be where you need it most. If you have a UK satnav, see if you can download the US map. I did that a few years ago for not too much. Most hotels have free wifi as do many shops, malls and coffee shops – so work out what you really need because using a phone for satnav in the USA is probably not the best option.
    Oh – is your phone unlocked too?


    Install CoPilot Live USA, it’ll cost you about £20, and you won’t need to worry about any kind of data connections, or network coverage.
    [edit] just had a look, and CoPilot Live Premium HD USA is £8.99, and if you want it with Canada it’s £13.99.
    At that price it’s almost rude not to have it installed, then you have no worries about any data issues that might crop up.
    Not to say that having a SIM with lots of data and calls available wouldn’t be a good idea, mind, but data coverage in the UK can be a nightmare if you need map data, imagine what the US can be like.

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Be careful, you have to take into consideration not only what frequencies but also 3G standards your phone works to compared to the US mobile carrier. It’s not as easy as most of the rest of the world where any SIM will do some of the US carriers use standards that might not be compatible with your phone, oh and as with any mobile provider some are better in certain areas than others.


    Navfree seems to work pretty well. You download the maps onto your phone at home then just have the gps switched on in USA.


    Another vote for CoPilot Live – brilliant!


    i use Satnav 2 (formerly Skobbler)
    you can down load maps of the whole world for a total £8.00 and then use them off line. Costs £1.99 i think, great value app

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    Or borrow a Windows Phone and download the maps before you go. The other thing to bear in mind is that what works in one part of the USA doesn’t in another.

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    Currently driving round the US and had a similar thought. After some research I just downloaded Navigon and took the sim out of my iPhone. Zero data charges, really good navigation, it works perfectly.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Hi. $45 a week for Hertz Neverlost. Not worth it if you get your data roaming wrong.

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    CountZero +1.

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