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  • zaskar

    Uplink is entitled to his own opinion.

    JMC ws a great rider and well respected. Influence still runs high and I loved reading about him. But I don’t worship the guy. He had a tough life and never gave up. He passed away early.

    It’s a sad story and positive; could be a movie.

    Uplink has a right to question and be critical/judge for themselves.

    You need to look beyond the box and both sides of the fence. If you don’t like his opinion-state it with logical reason, don’t threaten the plank ;o) (joking)

    There are many ‘peoples’ heroes/nutters that the forum massive don’t know off.

    JMC was one hell of a rider though. Even if his life story doesn’t influence you, he was an excellent athlete.

    I still salute him through the car window when i go past his ‘spot’ just down from the Woodhead tunnel. I’m 52 by the way.


    I also remember he had a very lovely gf at the time !

    Hmmm Sophie…. (I think).

    Someone else I remember from my teenage years…. but we won’t go into that….


    Yes, I’ve got a treasured photo of Sophie Brookes and JMC at the top of the NEMBA Hamsterley DH in 1993, resplendent in matching MBUK/Salsa kit 🙂

    I really should get a high res scan of it sometime…

    Jason was a hero of mine when I started biking, especially as a fellow north-easterner.

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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