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  • toxicsoks

    OK, the Mongdeo has just clicked over 100k and is almost 7 years old.
    Still want an estate but happy to downsize, a bit, as the offspring are now independent – the youngest finishes Uni in the summer but I’ll have to hire a van to get all his junk back home.
    Want something that is economical to run, won’t need a second mortgage every service, can pull the pikey wagon caravan and isn’t, entirely, dull.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    dont know about caravans but my astra estate ticks all the other boxes. I’ll be sorry to see it go when work force a ford focus on me next march.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’m rather upset that you haven’t trusted the advice you were given on Bikemagic… Not middle class enough for you eh? 😉


    335d touring
    octy vrs estate
    merc e63 amg estate 🙂

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Subaru legacy or Outback diesel?

    Volvo V70 for me when I eventually kill my Honda (which could be a long time off on current form)


    Volvo V50 D5 I really enjoyed my T5 petrol but the D5 is much more economical. It’s big but not too big, has plenty of equipment and is reasonable on running costs. I think it’s a pretty good looking for an estate and quite fun to drive.


    I had to change in Feb this year, Main requirements are
    1 – space for 2 people and 2 bikes + gear for day/weekend/week away,
    2 – cheap to run.
    Wanted German or Japanese but had nowhere near enough budget so I ended up with a 2008 Focus Estate 1.8 diesel – group 7 insurance in preference to the 2.0 which is in group 10! (the 1.8 is 115bhp – not sure if that will be enough for your towing requirements).
    It averages 45 miles to the gallon which includes my 4 x 6 mile daily commute.
    Unfortunately it is very dull so my comments may be of little use to you, but it should work out at around £60.00 a week to run over 12 months and 12000 miles (once I have added in tyres and servicing which have not been needed yet).
    The blue oval badge that I hate so much should mean it will have some value left in another 5 years when I may consider changing it. But if it gets to 100,000 without major trauma I will probably keep it till it dies.
    Cheap car = more money for bikes 🙂


    Want something that is economical to run, won’t need a second mortgage every service, can pull the pikey wagon caravan

    Keep the Mondeo.

    and isn’t, entirely, dull.



    Kryton57 – Member
    I’m rather upset that you haven’t trusted the advice you were given on Bikemagic… Not middle class enough for you eh?

    LOL, no. There’s a bigger demographic here, I’m expecting the Octavia/A4 debate, at any minute and there’s less chance of anyone trying to flog me their old beamer tat. 😉 😀

    Any thoughts on the Mazda 6, Passat or (new) Golf estates?


    I had a Passat estate for 11000 miles/6 weeks.

    It was ok.

    It’s hard to think of much else to say really. It was the 2.0tdi ecoblue or whatever it’s called and it was surprisingly quick – much more so than the equivalent mondeo which has replaced it.

    Obviously I did a lot of motorway miles and it was really comfy and hassle free. Good kit, electric handbrake thing was initially weird but now I miss it.

    Well screwed together, quiet, no diesel rattle etc and the in car computer system is loads better than the ford equivalent.

    Basically it’s good but despite being relatively quick it’s not an exciting car by a long shot.


    Aha, LG.

    One of these then:


    Easy-peasy. Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

    2.2d if you want pure economy.

    3.0d if you want performance and economy.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I’d put another 100k on the mondeo and spend the rest on holidays and bikes.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    If your son’s stuff won’t fit in a Mondeo he needs to get rid of some stuff or move it to the place he’s going to be living, i.e. not your house 😉

    100,000 isn’t that much these days for a car. I’m in a similar position (have an A6 estate with 120k on it) and I don’t really need such a big car, A4 is smaller but not that different and an A3 is possibly small – so for the time being I’m sticking with what I’ve got.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    no towbars for E63 🙁

    Seriously I guess that the smallest estate / engine that can pull the caravan safely will be where to start for economy.


    Just ordered a BMW 320d.

    Fast, great equipment, 70mpg. Drove a Skoda Octavia Estate which was dull in comparison.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    *wonders who shifter is in BM world*

    A lot to be said for keeping the Mondy. Besides, at your age you won’t be driving much longer anyway.

    That Jag would be a good way to see out your driving years though.

    Premier Icon chickenman

    Have a Mazda 6 diesel, very pleased with it; certainly much nicer to drive than the Passat I had for 12 years (and hopefully more reliable!).



    That Jag would be a good way to see out your driving years though.

    I’m only 36!

    It’s a much nicer place to be than a BMW or a Merc, and I can waft along getting 42mpg from a 3.0 V6 that does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, with burr walnut.


    Mazda 6 works for me. I went 160 hp petrol. Fast enough but uses a lot of fuel. Don’t really beat more than 30 mpg but I don’t t treat it that nice.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Just ordered a BMW 320d.

    Fast, great equipment, 70mpg

    Dream on.


    that 70mpg is “dream-world” economy. try the Honest John “real world MPG” page.
    Still, it has to be better than the actual average 42mpg I got out of a 2004 320d Touring from 2005-10. Official figures were 51 on combined cycle. I know today’s engines are much more efficient than even 10 years ago but still…

    my right foot is not particularly heavy but I did have to travel through Bradford in rush hour to get to/from work (still do, one day a week. ah the joys of WFH!)

    anyways, I too am looking for a new car, needs to be big enough to get a 6 piece drum kit with stands, a couple of guitar amps, couple of guitars AND one or more passengers AND do more than 50 mpg. I like the shape of the small SUV/Crossovers so I’m doing some test drives at the mo. PCH or PCP

    so far I’ve tried:
    Mazda CX5 – nice but about £80pcm above my budget
    Mitsubishi ASX – nice but luggage area not as big as CX5, quite shallow in places
    Skoda Yeti – I’ll report back on that tomorrow. Thing about this one is, back seats can be removed completely, giving you a van with windows.

    still to come
    Ford Kuga
    VW Tiguan
    Hyundai iX35

    BMW 3 Touring and X1/3/5 out of my price range, 1 series too small
    Don’t like Audis. or their (typical) drivers.


    The only downside of a Mondy is depreciation. As said above, Just keep it up to another 100k and chances are it will continue to serve you well. Due to the caravan the only bigish bill might probably be the clutch. Mine did 185k over 12 years and only cost wear and tear parts all that time (was even still on original clutch), I got £525 with no tax when I sold it. I intended to drive it until scrap or major malfunction, but it just kept going with no major faults and little cost at MOTs. Eventually threw in the towel, because I wanted a change and had the cash. Sell it if you have other reasons than 100k threshold, which isn’t a good reason on it’s own IMO.


    John – ok 70 mpg isn’t real world, but 68 mpg IS real world in the BM


    I’ve got a 318d and average 54mpg. When I was doing mainly motorway driving it did get close to 60mpg but never close to 70mpg on long term averages (it did if you reset the mpg when you were upto speed and were crusing though).

    I have just ordered a v60 to replace it. 181hp and 99g per km emissions. It was a no brainer for me


    A F11 would be idle for you.


    68mpg isn’t real world in the BM.

    I get 44 combined but with mainly urban driving, in a 320d GT. However, that’s with me not trying particularly hard to be economical.

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