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  • bigG

    In my experience with Sidi go up a size, and go mega wide unless you have lady feet.


    If you’re after new sidi’s, check out JE James. They were having a big clearout the other week with huge discounts on offer!

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    with Sidi go up a size, and go mega wide unless you have lady feet

    That. They do seem to size quite tight. I would go to a shop to buy something like that though as shoe sizing is so personal. I would even try a couple of pairs of the same size on if the shop would allow it to check for differences

    my sidi dominators have died, well the sole has after 8 or more years. They are so worn, I cannot find the shoe size on them.

    i want another pair as they were so well made, comfortable and warm; most shoes have mesh, look like plastic and are badly finished.

    I have a 46 pair of specialised van style shoes, a borrowed pair of 48 shimanos; all fit fine, though the 48 is a wee bit big.

    So Sidi owners, do i get a 46 or 47; got to do mail order to get the best price.

    Premier Icon joelm76

    another vote for going up a size. I’m 42 in all other cycling shoes apart from some odd shimano ones, comfortable in size 43 Sidis. I must have lady feet though as I don’t need the mega wide ones…


    +3 for going up a size at least…


    Just to throw a spanner in the works I am the same size in shimano and sidi I have narrow ladies feet apparently and swim in most other cycling shoes. It might be worth going to a shop and paying the extra.


    Yep, size up with Sidi’s Planet X/On One are also doing them now.

    cheers all, i think I am going for a 47.

    the sidi have seen me through all weathers, just awesome.

    thanks for the planet x link;

    i need a pair with ratchet, velcros rubbish.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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