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  • SIDI Dominators or Specialized BG Comps?
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    Anyone have either?


    Best prices online (Spesh obviously more attractive price-wise but nowhere seems to be doing them for less than £87)




    Sidi’s have bits that wear but can be replace cheaply-last years and great quality.

    Spesh BG if you have hot spots or use wedges etc.


    Have both, prefer the sidis for fit comfort. Spesh hurt my feet after 3 hours- maybe I need the inserts. Sidis expensive tho


    I’ve had my Doms for few years now and they’ve still got plenty of life left in them .. best mtb shoe I ever owned.


    Just recently bought a pair of 09 Sidi Dominators from Wiggle, £130, best price I could find anywhere. I riding buddy has an older pair and recommended them. I was using a pair of well used Specialized Taho shoes which are very comfy and great for walking in but I found the sole was stating to get very flexy and rolling around on the pedal when putting down some power.

    I got the mega version in my normal shoe size as I have wide feet and I have to say that after a few 3hr xc rides they are very nice. After a few rides and a lots of sessions on the turbo I decided to replace the sidi inner soles with the bg ones from my Taho’s and now they feel so much better. Easy to clean, just a wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done, a great fit with a nice stiff sole. Not too great to walk in, but I didn’t buy them for that, on the bike they are fantastic


    have had a set of dominators for 4 years still fine, pity the cleat bolts have seized!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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