Side entry bottle cage/bottle compatibility

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  • Side entry bottle cage/bottle compatibility
  • jayx2a

    So got a small bottle and elite cage for the trek but it’s a tight fit and had to go with the smallest bottle from camel.

    I was thinking of changing over to a side entry and using a bigger bottle.

    Question though – do some cages hold certain bottles better than other brands? I don’t want to be losing a bottle too often!

    Was thinking of a zee cage and a podium bottle – any issues?

    Any better cages or bottles for side entry?


    Zee for sure. Sometimes use a Podium in mine with no issues.


    Lezyne cage is good, but the lip at the front is quite high so some bottles are better than others. Conveniently though the best match seems to be the ones Halfords do for £2

    Premier Icon kelron

    Zee and podium, yeah.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Never lost a bottle from a Zee even after crashes.

    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    Long term Zee user here with at least 6 different bottle designs used over the years. Never lost one yet!


    Zee it is then! Doesn’t have to be a podium, but these seem like a decent bottle (with the dirt cap!).

    Or maybe that new elite fly mtb bottle as it has a cap too!


    I’ve used a Bontrager with a 750ml & it’s been fine.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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