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  • Shropshire – trail suggestions pls
  • Rustychain


    I’m heading to Bewdley in Shropshire next week with the family and hope to get some MTBing in.

    A quick search suggests Long Mynd would be a worthwhile destination?

    Would welcome any other suggestions. I’m happy with anything from long, interesting CX through to challenging climbs and descents. I’ve ridden Cannock before so something new would be good.


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    Long Mynd is a good place to start. There is a route in this month’s magazine which covers the good bits at the north end, and further south you have the Minton Batch and Small Batch descents among others. It’s a winch and plummet type of place.


    Bewdley Shropshire?! How very dare you 😉
    Or just head to Hopton Woods, you will not be disappointed.


    Wyre Forest is def worth a visit as its in and near Bewdley* depending on which end you start at.

    *Bewdley, Worcestershire 😉

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    If you do Long Mynd and feel like it you might as well do Eastridge too. Its only a few miles away. I really enjoy it there, the trails are varied and there’s loads of other off-piste-but-not-unofficial stuff to play on. Good for a half day for sure.


    Woops! Apologies on the Shropshire mistake, I blame the wife for misinforming me… 🙂

    Many thanks for the suggestions, looks like there’s plenty of options to try which is great. The next challenge will be seeing how many passes I can negotiate!


    Definitely the Wyre Forest as you can ride it from your door, however, you’ll need a guide otherwise it’ll be pretty dull. You’re going to need to enjoy mud though after the recent rain as some of them will be sloppy and it really doesnt cope well with rain. If I wasn’t away for the long weekend to Scotland I’d offer to show you round but there’s plenty of other members who are local that will offer I’m sure.

    Also from bewdley you can shoot towards Hopton and ride the signposted stuff there which is decent enough. If you fancy doing some laps you could extend the Wyre Forest over towards Ribbesford. For CX type loops you could do loop towards trimpley reservoir and then go up the hill into the wyre forest sticking to the main bridleways for a decent length back into bewdley.

    Long Mynd is good especially Minton Batch if you get a day with decent weather as it tends to have its own climate at the top of it. If you need anything more specific drop me a PM.


    Long Mynd is worth a visit, natural riding mostly with great views. Pub at the bike shop is ok, and free parking there.

    Other side of the mynd you have eastridge for trail centre riding – the home dug stuff there is waaaaay better than the waymarked route. From here you can access the natural trails on the stiperstones with a short (20min) pedal. Eastridge can be brutal especially if you are planning on linking it with other rides. A typical 10k ride of eastridge can be 2000ft of climbing, so plan accordingly.

    Shelve is the next set of hills over again, its not amazing but worth a stop off if its dry and you’re in the area. Avoid if its rained in the past week, its really boggy and doesn’t drain well.

    40 mins drive from bewdley you have mortimer forest for nice easy trails. Sessionable from black pool car park, dont think anything is signed, but have a look at strava/trailforks and you cant go wrong.

    Other side of the valley from the mortimer trails you have Bringewood for steeper loam/clay downhill type stuff. Plenty of official and unofficial options.

    A little further on (1hr from bewdley) you have hopton trail centre and bucknell DH track. Plenty of options for trails at both of these locations.

    Some CX and road options on the lanes around mortimer forest and nice views.

    If I had one day to ride then I would head to mortimer and bringwood for the best trails the area has to offer, these can be easily linked off road without using the car. Finish with food in the pub by the river in Ludlow. If you want views and natural riding with some good trails, then I would go for mynd, eastridge and stiperstones – this will be a big day.

    Have fun!

    Apologies for the thread hijack…

    I’m in Shropshire next week, staying around the Clun area. I’m planning a few excursions – probably the Long Mynd loop in the latest mag (and maybe Eastridge) and then Hopton Woods. There looks to be a ride on Viewranger straight outta Clun which I might try.

    But… is there anywhere nearby suitable for kids? Somewhere family friendly with cake. Nothing too climby or downhilly. Somewhere rolling rather than gnarly I guess.


    There’s a beginner loop at hopton but it probably wont take more than 20 mins to complete – and not much cake around!

    I would head to mortimer forest – park at black pool, and its a short ride up to the top.
    Plenty of easy and flowy trails, but not “trail centre” surfaces, its loam and roots. The trails all drop out into the car park and there are plenty of cake options in Ludlow, just round the corner.

    Eastridge/Hopton/Bucknell/Bringwood all have big climbs.

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    Tom, from Clun, I’d recommend the Stiperstones. Easy bridleways, interesting industrial heritage and rock formations, and good views across to the Long Mynd. Oh, and excellent cake at The Bog Visitor Centre.

    Take some containers to pick the bilberries for a crumble or pie.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    Don’t know too much about the riding round there but can vouch for

    Oh, and excellent cake at The Bog Visitor Centre

    Awesome – thanks Ginge and Esme.

    [edit] and those who posted earlier – top info all round!

    Wyre Forest. As Golfchick said above, it won’t exactly be in prime condition at the moment as it does suffer in the wet. PM me, I’m a forest regular, I might be able to show you around if I’m free.


    Thanks very much for all the additional recommendations, I’m a bit spoilt for choice now!

    I’ll keep an eye on the weather, but it looks like Long Mynd, Mortimer/Bringewood and some Wyre Forest when keeping it local.

    I’ll drop you a message B&B once I have a better idea about our plans – appreciate the offer.

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