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  • JoeBones

    Looking forward to the arrival of mine at the end of the month, so come on give me some eye candy and reviews!


    £250s worth of eye candy…


    Probably not the kind of thing you were after but it’s not every day someone asks to see a Vitus!

    First one in Ironman Wales mode. Bought on offer from CRC. £150 for the frame, if I remember rightly. Built up with 105.

    Then I saw this frameset on offer so plumped for it and relegated the above to a winter bike. The original developed an odd mottle effect on the top tube in the cold (??). I emailed CRC with pics and I had the new version in my garage ready to build up within 5 days. I was very impressed. They told me it was one of the first 2013 Sean Kelly frames in the country. Not sure how true that was though. Either way, I’m chuffed with it. Built up with Rival this time as I fancied giving sram a go. Not the best pic. I’d have another Vitus.


    Not my thing but looks good


    Can’t help but post this ( mines away for the winter but this ones same colour just shimano rather than campy on mine )

    Very early alloy frames from France with a fork that has a lot of flex lol

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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