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  • Show us your vintage audio equipment
  • Markie

    The sofa does somewhat take away from the speakers. Some see this as a positive.

    Space-heateresque ELS 57 seen here in a much plainer location. Hadn’t photographed before because it’s not yet hooked up to its amp. Or where it should be.

    Els 53

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Blimey, been a while since I last saw a Quad ELS57!

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I’d forgotten they had a water valve at the side.


    Keeping the Quad theme going..

    1979 Quad 405 – my Dads, (bought when I was 3) – stripped down and serviced & upgraded by me a couple of years ago

    [url=]IMG_3857[/url] by markwsf, on Flickr

    Snell E/ii speakers – 1984 (ish) – bought via the hifi equivalent of STW a couple of years ago

    [url=]IMG_3859[/url] by markwsf, on Flickr
    [url=]IMG_3858[/url] by markwsf, on Flickr

    All that old-skoolness balanced by being fed by a Rasperry pi with an IQAudio PI_DAC+ DAC and running Volumio2.

    The end result – I’ve yet to hear a hifi system that I prefer the sound of* – and yet it’s all controllable via remote computer / iphone, does spotify connect streaming so in theory is voice controllable by alexa etc.

    * – partly/mostly because once I got to a point I was happy I stopped looking / listening to other stuff and just enjoy what I’ve got.

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    I’d forgotten they had a water valve at the side.

    Steam powered.

    I’ve just added this to my modest collection:

    It’s been further modified beyond the remit of the Ishawata’s spec’.
    It’s 23 years old and sounds fantastic.


    All my audio gear is ‘vintage’ 😂

    These are the nearest, found in the street on the way home from a crazy weekend. It was the icing on a delicious cake.

    Know nothing about them but they sound good and look cool.

    You forgot to add pic’s.



    Here you go jammy:


    I assume you got laid that weekend?

    Marantz CD6000OSE CD player and PM6010OSE amp here with Tannoy 605 speakers.
    Not sure if that’s considered vintage, but it’s been with me most of my adult life!

    Before those, it was Arcam Alpha and Nad something or other.

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    I’ve owned a few of these over the years:

    Still kept this one – in daily use



    A CD player can be classed as vintage! Dear god where have the years gone 😊

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    my Rega planar 3 and Linnaeus Klassik combination driving some B&W speakers has got to be 25 years old now – sounds great though and no plans to change anything!
    Not sure what to do with an Aiwa 470 cassette deck I still have – I assume there’s no value in them?

    B+O really did aesthetics.

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