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  • I like this one, mainly because it’s halfway round one of my favourite rides and because it’s literally metres from the top of, IMO, one of the best downhill runs on Dartmoor (especially after a cheeky couple in the beer garden!)

    Unfortunately I seem end up here more often though

    Google image, thats not me in the pic BTW 😀


    Oh no, I’ve learned the hard way about mid-ride drinking on Dartmoor – darkness descends and distances increase and the howling begins…

    Can’t say I’ve ever noticed a problem with the staff at the Warren House, but then I’m usually so exhausted a Klingon wearing Laura Ashley could pull my pint and I wouldn’t register anything out of the ordinary. It’s like 250 years ago someone built a pub exactly where I’d eventually need a pub.

    a Klingon wearing Laura Ashley

    You’ve met him then! 😀

    What Mr.Gherkin said. Obviously a man of taste and style.

    And not so local, the Saracen’s Head at Symond’s Yat.


    Ska 49, I’ve been a local at the bell for 20 years so you were there during this time you’ll almost certainly of served me. I spend far too much time and money in there. Always plenty of bikers in there as well.

    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    Only been once many years ago, but the Peter Tavy Inn stood out.

    And the Unity in Plymouth for uni days, before it was demolished to make way for a shopping centre.

    Edit: ****ing posting photo fail 👿

    Premier Icon Bregante

    In recent years, the best boozer I’ve been in by far has to be the Hospital Arms in Colchester, unfortunately it’s a five hour drive away but it’s my brother in laws local and every time we’ve nipped there for a quick pint, we’ve staggered home many hours later to our angry wives.

    Top boozer


    Got to be my local, , situated on the TPT on the banks of the River Mersey just west of Warrington, home of the world famous Glastonferry festival!

    Premier Icon JasonDS

    2 mins down the road. Full of the characters of life.

    Love this thread!

    Chunky, was there to watch the Jubilee flotilla coming downstream. Rode on from there, following them along the river to Putney, then over for a bite at this rather lovely place;

    The Pony!

    Now I feel I must go to my local tomorrow night. And so I shall!

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    My fave local pub, Geordies Byre in Ayr. Looks like bugger all on the outside, but inside it is cracking. 4 or 5 real ales, around 2.65 a pint, a couple of times a day they bring out a tray of cheese n biscuits. There’s no swearing allowed (and the barmaids a very strong on this!) and no big groups of lads or lassies. Oh, and pickled eggs wi Tabasco. Heaven on earth.

    Premier Icon ton

    toxiksox…..2 of my regular haunts.

    Premier Icon ton

    had a tipple in here today…..bumped into marsdenman of this parish.
    proper nice boozer, awesome beer, I like it better in the winter after a mucky pennine ride.


    For so many reasons – The Marisco Tavern


    Old Hall in Whitehough is the best round here.

    In the Lakes, the Kirkstile Inn.


    Barony bar Edinburgh + Caledonian80 = 8)


    Told you I’d get a pic!The view sat outside here today supping on a pint of Thatchers Gold after going up Nantlle Ridge was sublime 🙂
    IMAG0394 by kevinevs, on Flickr


    I’ve only been to five of these pubs. Must try harder.

    Premier Icon lowey

    I love pubs. Too many to list.

    Premier Icon binners

    This ones got to be on your list Lowey? The Irwell Works Brewery

    This was a derelict shell a couple of years ago. They put a brewery in downstairs, and a bar upstairs. Simple. A great place to finish rides in’th’ills. They welcome muddy mountain bikers too. Which is nice


    The Marine Hotel Stonehaven.

    Been enjoying these Six Deg. North beers here recently.

    Brewdog Aberdeen – the Flagship.

    Premier Icon piha

    @ theotherjonv, you’re quite correct, The Donkey is at Charleshill but Charleshill is actually in Tilford, The border is the bridge at Elstead 🙂

    Can’t believe this one hasn’t been included yet…

    Simply can’t be beaten on a stormy winters night and ain’t to shabby for a mid ride refresher on a summers day.

    Mr Woppit


    Plus, @ munrobiker – I know The Boat well.


    Never been anywhere else quite the same


    Ska and pete, the bell is one of the things I miss most after moving up to Edinburgh, especially getting a 4 pint milk jug of some of west berks finest for the walk back down the Ridgeway to Streatley.

    They just don’t do pubs quite as well up here 😉


    The Mug House – Worcester

    It used to be on my cycling commute home, 😉 neat view of the Malverns and decent beer.


    Impossible to pick just one – but The Crown at Churchill (Mendip, Somerset) would be up there:

    Ye Olde Boot and Shoe Rossendale

    The Applecross Inn, Applecross

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