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  • federalski

    The Dolphin is at the bottom of Byres Road I think. Inn Deep is over on….a road I cannot remember, beside Kelvin Bridge Underground.


    Inn Deep used to be The Big Blue and my wife assures me it was the Dolphin before that. They’ve opened the arch next door as a sort of smokers area, or an-almost-outside-when-it’s-raining bit.


    Nah – that used to be the Dolphin, by virtue of there being a rotting blue wooden dolphin. Spent many a bleary eyed day and evening there. Splendid pub, shich could only have been improved by Williams Bros beer.


    I am speaking garbage…Move along.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Nobeer, ton – stw Arran ride ???? I’d be up for that too 🙂

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Poole arms on Poole Quay.

    Surrounded by touristy tat all round, but always enjoyed a pint here. You have to come out of the pub and go down the alley to the left to get to the charming outside gents…


    I think having a favourite pub is a little like having a favourite hand, I may spend more ‘time’ with my right hand, but it doesn’t mean I like the left one any less!


    Ha mine is alao the bell at Aldworth as posted by dougd. In fact ive just got back from ride to there.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    This is the Centurion bar at Newcastle station. Not a good photo, but a stunning place for a pint while you wait for a train.


    Ah yes, I remember the old chap carving the dolphin with his chainsaw.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    When I’m working away I can pick pretty much any hotel in the New forest but I always stop here when I can.

    Love it.

    Roter Stern


    My local

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Red Rooster, Brighouse. Great beer and a warm welcome to muddy mtb’ers 🙂


    [/url] Untitled by danthomassw13, on Flickr[/img]

    The Salehurst Halt in East Sussex. Great beer, great food, great views, and a naked charity calendar produced by the regulars!!

    Premier Icon cardo

    Welcome to The Riser..

    Our Sponser and 2nd home..

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Pen Y Gwyrd:

    Farmers Arms:


    Premier Icon bryan-g-

    The MacDonald Arms Tobermory

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    This is the closest to me…
    Its alright 😉

    The pics don’t do the view justice, but one of my faves – Thorntree in Matlock

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Ooh oh I’ve been to cask down flashy’s way, it’s rather good! I err, think….

    Int ‘north, it’s gotta be the sportsman in Huddersfield, couple of years since I’ve been, but it’s bloody good. Actually, all the locals where I used to live (the woodman at thunderbridge, the golden cock at farnley tyas, the white hart at Denby dale and the rose and crown at thurstonland) were ace.

    *thinks very seriously about moving back…

    a naked charity calendar produced by the regulars!!

    Dear Christ no! (Opinion based on the regulars in my local(s))


    Where’s the Farmers Arms Rusty? Is that In NWales? love a bit of Old Peculier

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    It’s in Muker, in Swaledale, North Yorks.

    Manages to pull off the trick of being a decent pub for both tourists and locals – really well kept beer, reasonably priced, well cooked, tasty food, real fire, friendly staff, great atmosphere.

    It’s a pretty amazing place to ride an MTB too: Really interesting trails that anyone can ride, drains well, loads to go at, stunning views – up there with Snowdonia and Northumberland in my top 3.

    Might be up your way in a couple of weeks if you’re up for a spin?


    The Stables; we actually bought our house partly because this pub is 10 minutes walk away through the fields. Proper old mans’ pub with huge open fire, fantastic food and it looks like someones’ house from the outside… Landlord ale, Stella for mid-dog-walk pints on a hot day, random guest ale

    Incredibly welcoming in the winter, whether you have a muddy dog or a muddy arse – that fire is a God-send.

    At home:

    where for a fiver you get…

    Getting giggy in brum:

    special mention to the Welly (Freemantle, Southampton) for when i’m down there, the pub by the weir in crickhowell (sp) wales for the ace food and beergarden, the old joint stock in brum (jaws drop the first time you take folk in there), and on the off-chance it still exists, the Spread Eagle near leicester train station – in ’99 i bunked off college to go to the demontford open day with a couple of friends – we ended up in there – still the only place i’ve ever seen the offspring’s self titled album on a (proper) jukebox. which reminds me, the rockstation&talbot in stourbridge for facilitating my angsty late teen years


    Duke William Stourbridge

    The Cat Inn Enville

    The Plough Claverly

    The Robin Hood Drayton

    The Morgan Malvern

    Basically anywhere that serves Wye Valley brewery’s beers


    Oh and the Vine Clent for a pint of Wainwright

    The Norfolk Arms Sheffers for a Pint of Farmers Blonde and for the Blonde I dated down the road 🙁

    The Greystones Sheffers

    George III near Barmouth

    The Old Queens Head

    Guaranteed a decent night out and full of totty!


    munrobiker – Member
    Had a think about all the pubs I’ve been to and decided these are my favourites.

    Long time favourite- filthy, smelly and has at least 2 willies in the bathroom but welcoming and always fun.

    Ha Ha the Nook may have great beer but its one of the only pubs that got worse after the smoking ban. Have you been to the Cricketers at Deabhouse?

    Premier Icon piha

    The Donkey at Tilford.

    Nothing flash or fancy but always a warm welcome, even when dripping in mud, water, ice etc (complimentary towels offered to clean filth from face). Large good honest food portions for us bikers, gratis crisps, nuts or sometimes chips at the bar post ride. Try before you buy if they have a new beer on. Oh, it’s a blessing the Donkey isn’t within walking distance from my home!


    The Pandora Inn, Mylor, Cornwall. Had many birthday parties, celebrations and a graduation there..

    Chainlocker, Falmouth, Cornwall. Special spot in the harbour. Lovely place.

    Jacob’s Ladder, Falmouth, Cornwall. I lived next door so got mates rates, an annual tab, home delivery and lock ins. Awesome hippy spot.

    It was at the top of these steps from town.. Lethal after a few Old Rosies at the pub on a winters night.

    Edit: I use to work at the Old Bell, Aldworth. Wonder how many of you I’ve served 😯

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Is the donkey at charleshill, rather than tilford itself? Never been in, but feel tempted now!

    Distinctly unlocal – 300 miles distant – but it was my local for 3 years and I still miss it and look forward to every chance to revisit

    This is my local:

    popped in there for many a quick pint on the way home from work and crawled out at 5am the next day.

    Use it less now, as it is more like a restaurant nowadays. Sitting on the veranda overlooking the river on a warm summers evening is still one of my all time favourite places.


    Any to recommend in Bolton?

    Premier Icon Woody

    250 yards from my house in Lanchester, Durham 😉


    I have no favourites, but if I did this place would probably be it:

    Anyone ridden these steps? Looks a bit tight with the handrail.


    I have.. did it in my first year. Used a Charge Blender with 710mm bars. It’s the widest you can use. The top (round the corner) and the lower bit was easy. The middle is very sketchy. Never did it again.


    a great people watching pub as well as a nice pint.

    another nelson… great for the sailing->beer->beach->beer->bed

    Wordnumb – The Warren House is in a stunning location. The landlord however is the most unfriendly grumpy git to ever stand behind a bar so I rarely stop there.

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