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  • andyl46

    joolsburger – Member
    I like that Gspot looks sturdy! I know it's not made for it but does it climb OK or is the front end light?

    It climbs ok, better since I went up a size (see below) as i can run the saddle a little further forward and the balance is better. The pro-pedal on the dhx is wound on for every climb, as shall we say, the suspension is rather active if you dont! It starts to shine on the pointy down bits though…

    JEngledow – Member

    I've always liked the look of the GSpot and as I'm 6'5" and 16 odd stone -what size is it?

    I went from a custom finished 19"

    to a 20.5" and the big fella is the better bike by far. the 19" was more nimble, but the big one just feels the better bike to ride, more stable, and more raggable at speed. And it doesn't look so much like I've just nicked a kids bike…

    Interesting, I've just moved up to a 19 from a 17 and I'm finding the bike is more stable but slightly less chuckable on the twisties. Haven't had too many chances to ride so will need to reserve judgement. I have been looking at frames for the future and have narrowed it down to a Morewood, Heckler and now a G spot.

    Best case mine will end up being fine with a shorter stem which will save me a grand and a half!


    1 set of pivot bearings and 2 sets of shock bushings in 7 years………..
    (and a complete change of everything else!)


    One tuff cookie.

    New since 2005 – 5 years old in June

    week in the alps, no mechanicals, no punctures, bent the brake lever but that was my daft fault!!

    Garden since decked!!!


    gw, you knows it!! 🙂


    My trusty Balfa, considered selling it because it is a bit lardy but it just rides sooo well i cant part with it. Now sporting a DTswiss shock which has slimmed it down a little.

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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