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  • Show me your sub £500 'project' bikes…..
  • Rogan Josh

    I’ve wanted to do this for ages because I have MILLIONS of spares but no forks or brakes and being the most expensive parts I’ve never seen it worth it! If I just needed a stem and a QR I’d be posting up a pic for you now!


    Cheap fun bikes for me are either single speed or pub bikes
    Although one pal did only get 550 for his stumpy fsr on eBay the other month

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    I was going to start a similar thread. But saying that if you are thinking of spending a few thousand on a new bike, go for a slightly cheaper version or build, and use what you saved on buying a single speed.

    The Inbred was meant to be a cheap build based on the Boardman, but somehow there seems to be no second hand parts on it at all ! ( the wheels in the picture are not what it normal wears)but I reckon It was under £500 all in

    So that left the boardman parts sitting around, so i built that into a single speed as well.

    The carrera is the next to get built up, It needs a fork and headset, but I am waiting until a really cheap option comes my way.

    The Inbred in particular is my go to bike ATM ( and that is with a five and Cotic soul to choose from)

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    OK so I had the wheels already but they’re <80 second hand easy

    Forks 80 quid plus a service.
    Brakes cheap deore things.

    Seat post and pedals get swapped over from the road bike.
    Frame cranks and headset were 35 quid all in from on here 🙂

    Yeah the chain needs shortening, I’ve only managed one road ride (today) since destroying my shoulder on good Friday.


    So, if I sold a couple of the bikes which I barely use, I’d should end up with ~£500 for a new project build. What have you built for that sort of money??? And, no, it doesn’t count if you claim you had some Fox forks or a set of Stan’s wheels just lying in the spares bin waiting to be used ;-).

    In my spares bin I have 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 seatposts, external HT11 bb and chainset, a few stems and some front mechs, and a set of lock on grips to build a bike round……


    Nothing wrong with Deore brakes!! 🙂


    I had to go over £500, but its a build for my wife and wanted it to be lightweight and have a new chainset and rear cassette.

    Used – Gary Fisher HiFi Carbon Frame with RP23, seat post and clamp – £160
    Used – Rockshox Reba – £110
    New – Deore LX Chainset with bottom bracket – £50
    New – SLX Rear Mech – £40
    New – Cassette – £40
    New – cheap stem and handlebar from CRC – £15ish
    Used – Deore shifters – £10
    Used – Bontrager RXL Wheelset – £100
    Used – tyres, saddle & pedals – had them in the garage so cheated a bit here
    Used – SRAM XO Brakes – £70
    Used – Deore front mech – £5ish

    Total around £600 + gear cables etc which for 120mm full suspension bike weighing around 25/26lbs is a bit of a bargain 🙂

    Van Halen

    I think all my bikes cost me less than 500! Norco fluid lt. Commenval meta 4, and even my cannondale trail wp bought new!

    Buggered if I’m paying full list price for stuff. Bike parts are a con. Esp forks.


    This started off as my first “proper” bike. Over time, i bought new forks / wheels / brakes / etc… After i replaced the frame, i then had enough in the Parts Bin to build it back up again!

    It served as a hack / work bike for a couple of years, before being given some slick tyres and gifted to another family member.

    The Inbred was meant to be a cheap build based on the Boardman, but somehow there seems to be no second hand parts on it at all ! ( the wheels in the picture are not what it normal wears)but I reckon It was under £500 all in

    That Inbred is nice! It’s not often you see them with the On-One steel forks… Unfortunately, they never made them in a colour to suit my blue 456, else i’d have had some. The carbon ones are nice, but £150 is more than i am prepared to spend; especially as there’s nothing wrong with my current forks…

    Scaled – nice 456! Hope you enojy it!


    Bought complete bike, then other bits and bobs to make it like it is,m second hand from here.
    Tires were new..

    All in, cost about £450..


    Premier Icon mboy

    Was built on a shoestring budget, as and when I could find parts (new or used) at a ridiculous price. As it stands in that photo, despite the frame, brakes, bars, seatpost, pedals and a few other small bits all being brand new (and all of it is good quality kit), it owes me just over £400! I was lucky enough to get given the wheels though (nearly new), and find some silly bargains (£5 Spesh Phenom saddle for instance!) at a local bike jumble.

    Since the photo was taken though, it has shed the old Bomber’s and gained a set of Pike 454’s and added £20 to the overall cost!


    Thing is, I’m a bit impatient to wait for the right bargain bits to come along. Once I start building up a frame, I feel the need to get it finished, or I might just resell it before I finish the job and start afresh.


    Deore groupset + wheels in a deal. Frame and forks (immaculate) £40 each off ebay.

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