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  • Show me your single speed cross bike!
  • I am going to be building an SSCX bike so give me some inspiration!
    Road rat is my thought currently but may be tempted otherwise.

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Is it for CX racing or commute, JRA, pub etc?

    My Kaffenback is great for all but racing, and they are well cheap. New frames look nice too.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    The new Kaffenback’s have vertical dropouts, so you can’t easily run them single speed.

    Which is one reason why I’m now the owner of a Surly Cross-Check….


    I’ve had a Surly Cross Check, and run a Singular Pergrine SS.

    Both heavyish for proper racing

    These before they went disc were much lighter. I may get one for next year.

    Really it is just to be hardcore. Riding trails with 35c knobblies on, I have my heart set on steel for whatever reason, want something that could be upgraded to discs but that I can use all my current road spaced wheelsets on.

    The rat would do all that I ask of it and have the potential to become a commuter, tourer, 1×10 hack bike, the lot.


    THE original pompino, sadly gone now.

    pompy1 by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    Ti pompino which I loved but only nestled between my legs for a few weeks.

    ti-pompy by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    New pompino….Sweetest looking bike I ever owned. Rode like a bitch.

    pompino 1 by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    Current bike, Genesis day-one. Great bike, brakes of death.

    dayone5 by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    I quite like singlespeed cross bikes, you can probably tell.

    Oh, and it has to be fixed.


    I’ve got the same white Pompino frame as that one just up there… makes me sad seeing one look as good (and clean!) as that, mine is in full on theftproof mess mode.


    Oh, and this one.

    3 Peaks Cyclo Cross 2011 Race Bike by Rich, on Flickr

    Premier Icon jameso

    My old Day One, now back from the shed-wall bike-grave. Rode it loads a few years ago, then not at all for 2yrs +. Now gets used as a weekend bivi-biker. I even go looking for trendy gravel roads on it.

    Premier Icon Kuco

    Mine last year.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Pic of my ss crossrat that Geoff waugh took at citycross. It’ll be coming out to play again soon 🙂


    Premier Icon epicyclo

    samuri – Member
    …Ti pompino which I loved but only nestled between my legs for a few weeks….

    and ended up here… 🙂

    plus one

    Blimey those day one’s are popular 🙂

    Untitled by Plus one2010, on Flickr

    Love this bike.

    Premier Icon simon1975

    Do flat bar fixies count?

    Goyt Valley Pompino by Simon J Taylor, on Flickr

    I’ll get my coat…

    PS. I don’t think that the Roadrat would tick the “Hardcore Trails” or “Tourer / Commuter” boxes.


    My retro mtb/cx mash up

    Jurys still out on the midge bars though,like the look of them cannot make my mind up on the positioning the drops feel to wide,flared and not long enough.


    Built with a W.I. Eccentric Eric hub for riding North london / Hertfordshie / Essex trails year round, and the odd race:

    Sadly got rebuilt with queers to get me up Cowcombe Hill on my commute:

    And a baboons bum in a tree…

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