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  • show me your scandal 29ers
  • yossarian

    hi all

    still pissing around with ideas for a off road commuter/light xc style bike on the cycle2work scheme.

    after many many changes of mind I am now considering a scandal 29er with an alfine hub.

    what do you think of the suitability of the frame for this kind of thing?


    Premier Icon Stoner

    Frame will work fine with an alfine.

    Nice frame to ride and O-O will probably build up the wheel for you too.
    Reetard rims are OK although I dont think they mind if you send a preferred rim to them for the build.


    thanks Stoner, i’m not sure whether I’ll go through on-one for the full shebang as I get mates rates at my lbs. Will be running rigid forks to begin with – any recommedations? I notice that on-one are out of their ones and I don’t want to go crazy on price as it will affect the other components I choose.

    Also how harsh is the ride? suss seatpost an idea?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Its extremely compliant ride. More so than any other bike Ive ridden.

    they claim the 29er carbon fork is back in mid July.
    Its a great fork and I have loads of faith in it.
    However, you could always look at the Exotic forks for bargins.
    the disc 465mm A-C (O-o = 470mm) is £83 and is made in the same place as White Brothers and the old SSC ones


    I was in a similar place about 12 mths back – wanted something for a day to day commute but could also cut it on the trails

    I went for a scandal 29er 1×9 setup (till it got nicked a few ,onths back) & it was great on the day to day (c30 miles thru London) and trashing about @ weekends. It had been to Afan a few times & succesfully got me through Whytes & Pen Hydd etc

    Ride is easy going but cant comment on the alfine or rigid forks – I ran Rebas with a poploc remote

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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