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  • Premier Icon kayak23

    My ex-Fiesta, with added downhill bikes..


    Zigzag I had the same arrangement on my old MX5

    b r

    What the flip can you do to prevent ****’s doing that? I’m totally paranoid about driving our new car to my wife’s parent’s house as they live in a slightly dodgy estate. I’m convinced that some little **** head will do something to it if we stay overnight :-/

    Don’t buy new cars…, mine had scratches on already 🙂

    I had one of these in the late 80’s early 90’s (not a photo of my one but an image off the interweb) used to get a bike in there, wheels in the front boot on top of my kit and the frame and forks wedged in the passenger seat and footwell … changing gears was tricky

    Although not current, and STW wasn’t around then I thought it was impressive at the time.


    What the flip can you do to prevent ****’s doing that? I’m totally paranoid about driving our new car to my wife’s parent’s house as they live in a slightly dodgy estate. I’m convinced that some little **** head will do something to it if we stay overnight :-/

    Not sure what you can do about it really, people are just arseholes! Not even sure why anyone would do it to me (don’t think I’ve pissed anyone off..) and it was left overnight in the quiet village I live in, so it can happen anywhere. They’re deep as well, and go all along the side plus onto the bonnet.

    Premier Icon ads678

    I drive an 03 VW Passat estate, diesel, silver and i’m a civil engineer 😳

    pretty typical, but i can fit and Orange 5 and a Marin wolfridge in the boot (wheels off) with the back seats up, So i don’t care!!

    simon side

    In a former life, my partner had a Mini(Austin/Rover not BMW). She would sometimes need my SAAB 900 to collect stuff for her business. I would take the passenger seat out of her car and leave it in the living room while I went to the local trailcentre…..


    ‘P’ reg Mk1 Vauxhall Tigra, will take two bikes with wheels off and 2 riders with kit inside. Will manage 40+mpg or slightly less if driving like my heads on fire. Got given it as a none runner – ‘Get it off my drive and its yours’ done 45K in last four years 😀


    Fiat 500 with a rear bike carrier (it has a glass roof so I can’t put them on top). Gets a few looks and comments such as “doesn’t it just tip over” when I have two bikes on it. But it got two bikes from Yorkshire to France and back and it does the job.

    A smallish bike will just about go inside with both wheels off, but no hope of getting 2 in!


    thats a nice fit tim didn’t need to take both pedals off.



    Premier Icon weeksy

    nice Tim… nice.

    Premier Icon mos

    Dads car when he was out in spain once. I think the landy was off the road at the time.

    17092008108 (2) by marcusandcath, on Flickr


    Extra points to the Lancia’s for left hand drive overtaking terror!

    Premier Icon D0NK

    not got a pic with bikes in the back but how about a sofa?

    Matiz with fold down seats, will fit 2 bikes, riders and their kit inside no problems.

    Sideways tim, that’s genius.

    I’m guessing mine is fairly inappropriate. There’s now a baby seat in the back as well – it’s a practical family car I keep telling the wife.

    BMW 130i 😀

    A rare picture with out a Thule rack or two on the bars:


    I’ve had 535d sport tourings in black, I fail on STW scale because the fact that they weren’t silver yeah?
    I had an M3 Convertable in Laguna Seca Blue and blue roof, that was hilarious I had a rack on the back once, only once.

    Most recent I had a Smart ForTwo with a bike rack on it, it was most excellent, now I’ve a Prius with a roof rack and a Kangoo Van (where all my toys normally hide away..)

    Not wholey inappropriate but also a TT 3.2 Convertable, in orange.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Sitting pretty in the sun ….

    I suppose I could put a bike in it ….. maybe zip tied to the roll cage 😈


    My bike used to fit quite well on the backseat of my FTO…


    The Celica TSport I have now is much more practical. Seats go down and can get 3 bikes in the back with front wheels off.

    Here’s mine, my bike fits in the back fine with the front wheel off.


    I used to be able to get-
    2 windsurfing wave boards
    5 sails
    3 masts
    2 booms
    1 kiteboard
    2 kites
    2 wetsuits and assorted crap.
    INSIDE my faithful old VW polo.
    It rusted from the inside out eventually 😥


    I’ve had the bike on or in all of them:-

    A BMW M3

    A caterham 7

    And a civic type R

    MG Midget, I later swapped to 100mm hardtail which meant I could put the bike in the car and then put the roof up, thus avoiding getting soaked!


    You look absolutely miserable. Excellent effort though – and some others on here.

    Mine doesn’t often go in a car (usually ride from doorstep), but when it does, it gets stuffed in the back of one of these:

    Can fit three bikes in there with camping gear.


    Porsche 911 C4S Convertible: some pics of how I manage to get the bike in here:

    How to get a bike into a Porsche convertible
    They dont make a bike rack to fit and the roof racks are for earlier versions but I still take it biking regularly.

    Yes in IT.
    No not fat.
    Ti Ibis.

    In my defence, great car, great bike, crap rider and crap driver but where there’s a will theres a way!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Another epic thread … Lancia’s, X1-9’s ..

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Back in the UK it was this (with roof rack)….

    Now sadly all I can afford is to pedal there or use this…..

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Megane 225 with Cup chassis and brakes. Can get a couple of bikes inside with the seats down and front wheels out, but when we have luggage and/or dogs too it has to be roof bars (silly rear bumper arrangement means no boot mounted rack or towbar).

    Top car though – plenty quick enough and handles like a kart.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    First time the disappearing post bug has happened to me…

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    330 Clubsport. Not entirely appropriate I guess, although I’ve not yet tried getting the bikes in/on the MX5 for full inappropriateness points


    Not inappropriate, but I find my Vivaro van can hold a lot of kit. When I’ve got a lot of driving to do and need to keep the fuel costs down I can get BMX, Road bike and Alpine 160 in the back up Pug 306 (although It’s a bit of a faff. The GF’s Seat Ibiza doesn’t take a bike rack as no tow bar and has a stupid little spoiler on the boot (new shape Ibiza)but it’ll fit 3 road bikes at a push inside


    Seats down, wheels off. Bike fits in a treat.
    I look silly in it, but its crackin :mrgreen:


    hora – Member

    I wouldnt put a bike in that 2door 3 series- roof or towbar IMO.

    The seats fold down in my 3 series coupe. Manage to get a 50cm Zesty and a large Tallboy in it, plus wheels with no probs


    no shortage of space here


    Meesterbond – When, “WHEN” I get a Porsche, one of my first purchases will be a rack like that. Top effort and just too cool!


    Not the most practical biking car ever (but it did have two weeks worth of camping gear in the back)

    IMG_0073 by markwsf, on Flickr

    And loaded up for some post-ride beers (the bumpstops got a good workout)

    IMG_0315 by markwsf, on Flickr

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I haven’t got any pictures but there is a guy that rides with us and brings his bike in a Maserati Coupe. Cream leather interior too. Last time as he was getting the bike stand and bike bag out ready to disassemble the bike I fold down the estate seats and rolled the complete bike in.

    Having said that looking at 911 at the moment. Deeply impractical!

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