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    Why do people fit those bonnet covers?

    Was on it when I got it – think it looks good tho

    FWIW never read Max power and don’t moisturise


    I’d be concerned that those bonnet covers would retain moisture, causing premature rust. Might be OK in SoCal – not in SoCroy.

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    Yea i thought that – had a poke under a couple of times looks ok so far

    had a poke under bonnet a couple of times

    Good skills! That’s a tight squeeze for two of you. Nearest I’ve ever got was a Mini. 😀

    and some people love the rust look

    Bonnet Bras: I wouldn’t fit one cos they look a bit wierd, and not having one is the easy way to spot my t4 amongst the other 25 in any Devon or Cornwall beach or forest car park. However, the only place mine has stone chips on is the lower half of the bonnet. So perhaps there is a point.

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    Only currently got an inside pic of my t5 kombi

    and it’s a bit grubby too

    More pimped up than pimped out:


    Personally I think the car bra’s look aweful and I’d rather get a full bonnet respray every few years than drive around with a lump of black plastic strapped across the front of the car, but each to his own eh!

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    Talking of decorations.. I hate the bloody headlight lashes.. Stupid.


    My little Vauxhall van has lots of stone chips on the front half of the bonnet.


    bought on the assumption that if they’re selling them then I must need one.

    AKA the 29er syndrome…


    There is a nice 1957 Chevy on eBay that is as pimp as you like.

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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