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  • GolfChick

    Give it a week plus a few days and Ill add mine to the thread too!

    Premier Icon lungman

    Just to add to the mix here’s my carbon bronson.

    DSC_0160 by Jason Smith2008, on Flickr

    Great bike and really handles anything I throw it down and climbs as well can’t ask for more 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg




    It’s not got silly wheels but others have broken the rules so I will too 😀



    Here’s mine….boring old 26 inch wheels though…lol


    Mainwaring – i love that bronson!

    Premier Icon luke1688

    image by luke.greenwood, on Flickr

    Not 29 or 27.5 but rides like a dream! Got a SC 29er too which is pretty awesome.

    Premier Icon simonbowns

    Solo up above Ladybower this evening. 🙂


    Moving, just dropping into the hysterectomiser on a trip with Ciclo Montana in May this year


    @simonbowns nice looking solo! Is that enve rims? What tyres are you rolling with?


    Get a SB66c…they’re quicker down hill 😉


    Captain mainwaring, do you have a route (or tips) on how to get to the loch/easiest climb with bike (if worth it) also the best place to park? I’m off for a few weeks and was planning heading over there tomorrow for a bivi!

    Sorry for the hijack!

    Blur LTc. Not really fussed about the wheel-size debate… This is the best bike I’ve ever had, and that’s all I have to say about that…

    PS. Some really really nice bikes in this thread!


    Some odd looking carbon on here.

    Premier Icon Straightliner

    A question from me rather than a picture. Did they remove the extra chain/seat stay bridge that is on the Tallboy when they created the Tallboy LTC or is it a model year difference on the frames?

    dirtyrider FTW!

    Im sure simonbowns is 18bikes si? so sure its a demo so is pimped to the max! lovely im sure too!

    but dirtyrider for the sheer expense and great colour schemeing etc wins for me! pretty jealous of that bike TBH

    though i wouldnt dare ride those rims around the peak, heard of a lad last week or so that cracked his rim on this first descent he did! ouch wallet!

    Premier Icon simonbowns

    Hehe – indeed, not my bike. We’ve had an SC demo this weekend just passed, so I squeezed in a demo ride of my own.

    I’ve got a Blur TRc, but I have just ordered a Solo c to swap to.

    A lovely build on the demo bike, no doubt – but I’m too used to 1 x 10 to use the full range of XX1 most of the time. I’m definitely not a fan of the CTD forks either.

Viewing 18 posts - 41 through 58 (of 58 total)

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