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  • Seems a lot of people are now running these forks with the all black stealthy look yet I’ve not ever seen a set out on the trails by me!

    Seriously considering getting a set, and they look ace in the adverts but not really seen any reviews or close ups of them, would love to see a few pics of them on bikes/ in action if you have any please

    Preferably the all black models

    And also how are you finding them? Are they really worth the hype they are getting?

    Anyone? Given everyone’s raving about them on here somebody must have some views / pictures

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    Add on:
    I started this bike with fox 32 150, not bad but flexy and I had a dh bike at the time. Sold the dh bike and bought BOS Devilles, excellent forks bit wasn’t keen on the VIP’r shock and found a fox/bos suspension set up a bit odd, back gave a lot easier than the front so swapped deville for 34 ctd. Horrible, I’m quite tall and heavy and they dived way too much. Got some 36 floats which were a lot better and had no complaints, I just fancied some of these. Out and out performance they’re not quite up to the BOS but when you factor in how poor bos are for service/warranty and how close the pikes are in terms of performance. They’re very good. They ride well through rough stuff without becoming flustered like fox can and they’re nice and light. Just watch the rebound adjuster as it still falls off!



    Expect lots of “best fork EVAR” comments from folk that have just bought them. Not many people will spend a load of cash then poorly review their own kit (if it deserves it). Edit: just like that ^ 😉

    Don’t know why you’ve not been finding reviews anywhere:

    Cheers sandal, how do they compare to a 32 float with 150mm you had as this is what I’ll be going from tithe pike?

    Legend – meant more real rider review really, and more so how they are finding them going from 32s etc, I know people don’t like saying stuff they’ve bought is not much cop, but every single person I’ve spoke to raves about them including the lbs too

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    It’s been well over a year to make any direct comparison really but I prefer them to the 36’s and I preferred them to the 32’s

    Are they massively noticeably more stiffer than a 32 sandal?

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    Running some Fox 34 Floats before, big difference being they seem to track the ground better (ie dont jump all over the place going through rock gardens, not a suspension guru) and don’t suddenly loose 1 or 2 inches of travels when hitting bumps on steep descents quickly…plus they blend in with the frame!


    Cheers Stewart such a nice looking bike and does blend in well

    Should be an improvement tracking / stiffness wise over my 32 then given your saying about the improvements over your 34s

    Premier Icon stewartc

    OW, the 2013 Fox Float sucked Elephant C*** though I’m going with a 2014 Talas on my SB66’s replacement as its fitted as standard and too much effort to change to a Pike Dual Air.
    It does feel a bit stiffer but too be honest I cant say I noticed that much, the Pike just feels better running over stuff, just feel more confident pointing and shooting with with it….sorry, not a biking pro as mentioned before.
    One issue is that the paint on the Pike is a little flakey, does not take much to scratch it too hell.

    cheers guys quick bump for anyone else whom wishes to give me a report on the pikes please? pref pics too 🙂

    i have white ones on my el guapo, they are simply the best forks that i have ever ridden. I can also get you some at a good price in white (ask carlos)

    hey rob, think ive already sorted some ta, would have to be black anyways in 150mm (but cheers for the offer!)

    what you running them LSC wise, rebound wise around the peak rob?

    have you noticed a massive difference stiffness from a 32?

    they are simply stiff as ****! will check when i get home and send you some figures


    I swapped from coil Lyriks to DP air Pikes and, surprisingly, end up with much less pain in my hands on long descents. They work superbly and are simple to set up, no faffing with dual air chambers like on my old Pikes. They aren’t as stiff as the Lyriks but there’s very little in it, and once you’ve worked out how to use the new Maxle it’s much better.

    cheers rob – yeh i think lyriks are the same chassis width at 35mm arent they? could be wrong there but if they are when i had a quick go on carlos’ they looked beefy as fook when you look down, and you could instantly even on a flattish track feel that they tracked better, god knows how much better they would feel through really rocky stuff

    munro – nice! looks really good with the stumpy and glad to hear your liking them too

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Orange and black ftw

    waay stiffer and miles plusher and better controlled than my 32 floats

    Im a marzocchi boy at heart though so it pains me to say this but they are probably better than my 44RC3tis, stiffer definitely but much easier to set up and hold their travel better under breaking etc, even if they arent quite as plush overall
    They remind me a lot of my 66rc2s but without the weight!

    my setup will be orange and black too, so indeed FTW 😉 and great to hear the positives over a 32

    ive not heard anyone say a single bad thing about them, i hope im not disappointed now when i try them 😆


    Demo Nicolai Ion 15 I had.

    Here is what I wrote at the time about the suspension.

    Great bikes are great bikes. What has put me off even trying 29ers until now is forks. I’ve tried to use 32mm stanchioned forks a few times over the past few years and for where and the way I ride I hate them – noodly b***rds of things that have me struggling to keep the bike in a straight line through the porridge, wet roots and rocks which I have/love to ride. The 29er Pike fork on Dippers ION is a great fork and fixes this issue; it goes where you point it and there is no “sawing-action” required at the front of the bike to keep it going there. Damping wise the Pike feels good although I did bottom it out a few times on some bigger hits where the fork feels to blow though the travel; it might need a different volume spacer or some other fiddling (I ride a little harder than Dipper… and I’m used to my Marzocchi 55 fork with an Avalanche damper which is amazing). The CCDB-Air shock feels like a very good match for the Pike fork, again no unpleasant traits but not lively as is the CCDB way. There is some pedal bob when honking out of the saddle with the bike (as you would expect, I didn’t try the switch thing as I always forget to switch them back), and I would prefer if the fork and shock were a little more supple but that’s my personal preference and I wasn’t willing to fiddle with Dippers set up as it was damn good as it was.

    Any direct comparisons with the devilles would be ace too! 😀 (no hyjack, its still a pike review 😆 )


    Pike vs Deville?

    I liked both of them, they feel quite similar in how they hold up in the travel and resist diving. I would say the Pike feels more supple at the start of its travel but not as controlled when pushed hard. The control the Deville has makes it feel like it needs a good shove to get it going, a fork that responds well to being thrown into things and worked hard. I bottomed out the Pike in similar stuff as it blew through the travel a bit, this might just be a set up issue involving an air chamber spacer. I didn’t bottom out the Deville but a good friend of mine couldnt get on with his for that reason. Neither fork feels as good my Marzocchi 55 RC3-Ti with an Avalanche damper…

    Note – I didn’t tweak either the Pike or the Deville I had as they were borrowed, but both of them felt pretty good with the standard settings and I would happily ride either.

    The Pike is the top of my current list for my new frame… and now Avalanche make a damper cart to fit 8) ).


    Reading these reviews with interest as I’m just about to pull the trigger on some myself 😀

    Quick Q though: need 26″ 150mm solo air, all I can find is black lowers. Are all the solo’s black and the dual positions white? Seems that way from my search of the usual places.


    Very happy with my 2014 Fox 34 Talas CTD’s…. I know, I know, not the done thing but just saying…. I like them.

    Seems to me that Fox have made a lot of changes not least having to run them at a higher PSi, and it appears to have worked.


    Go on then, any excuse to pop up a pic of the Spitfire

    The Pike’s are a fantastic set of forks. The damping is absolutely spot on and they make a perfect match for the CCDB CS that I’ve got out back.

    I’ve gone for 150mm 650b but I’m running 26 inch wheels in there for now. I’ll be interested to see what they are like with the 160mm air spring when it becomes available.

    yes. white = dual position black = single
    Interesting messiah, very interesting (sadly) I’m running 650B so the 55’s are out the option 🙁 the way you say it, it almost sounds like the extra composure of the devilles is a negative thing? Can they be ridden for relaxed fun as well as agressive?

    Just swapped my 140 Floats to 150 Pikes on my BFe, night and day difference in stiffness. Still making minor tweaks but they feel great…


    I really like the feel of the new Pikes, I swapped out a set of 36 Talas for the Pikes and these are far far more responsive on the trail.

    One thing I have noticed is that on the last couple of long rides I have done, my first stint is basically 8km of climbing so I have the forks locked out, for the rest of the ride (let’s take note here that the temps have been close to freezing on these rides) that the rebound runs a little slow and only when running the forks fully open do they feel consistent. I am putting this down to the temps though as other than that they have been great compared to the 36’s.

    I would say as a comparison that they have the plush feeling in the first part of their travel that my old 66’s had but ramp up nicely like the 36’s did when taking big hits, they also don’t pack down like the 66’s over fast chattery ground. The front end of my Tracer 2 now weighs 0.8lb lighter with these on than the Fox’s, so there is nothing I can complain about.

    I’m a happy RockShox convert!


    That Bfe looks mint!


    For whoever it was asking about colours, if you get them from Germany you can get either fork in either colour and for cheaper than in the UK. I en?ed up with black dual position ones from one of the smaller German online shops.

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    matther01 – Member

    That Bfe looks mint!
    I’d say more like avocado in that picture

    Premier Icon timmys

    Has anyone got any comments on the dual position function? Do you lose any/much performance going for it? Is the fork just as good in the lower position ie. is using it there most of the time and popping up to 160 for the really step stuff do-able or is it more just a ‘drop for climbing’ function?


    dual position 29er pikes in black




    Only a couple of rides in on mine so far and massively impressed.
    I had Lyriks with the Mission Control DH damper on before and whilst they were good, the Pikes are in a completely different league.

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