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  • Duffer

    Nothing to contribute i’m afraid, other than to say i like your handiwork! I’d be interested to learn more about how it was made; did you use a jig?

    Can you recommend any further reading for someone fancying having a bash?


    I think we need geometry details too…


    Did you actually make the tubes?


    Following on from the Steel 29er thread where someone mentioned building their own bike frame, who else has done this and how did it turn out?

    Here’s mine.

    When first made

    With new paint job

    Lets see everyone else’s pictures.


    I used a 4130 Cromoly tubeset from Nova cycles in the US before finding out that Ceeways who do tubesets in the UK is only 20 miles from home. The dropouts came from Paragon Machine Works and were stupidly expensive. I designed the frame using RattleCAD which is free on t’internet (geometry in pic below). All the tubes were mitered by hand using a file and dremel. The frame was tacked together using a jig made out of 20/20 extruded aluminium then fully TIG welded in my cheapy Lidl bike stand.

    As to background reading there is a thread on a mig welding forum (think the author is on here too) that is pretty good for inspiration and the Velocipedesalon forum is well worth joining if you fancy having a go. I have done a write up on Sketchymtb and will post the link if I can find it.

    I have to say the first few rides are pretty scary waiting for it to fall apart but after that it is fairly satisfying knowing that you’re riding something you have built.


    Mines a work in progress (has been for about 6 months!!!)

    The tubes are cut, but not joined yet, here I’ve just finished the bottle bosses on the down and seat tubes and just checking for alignment etc.
    Similar story, rattlecad, 80/20 jig (copied from mtbr frame forum) but I’m brass brazing mine with lugs. Got the newbie kit from Ceeway (peter at ceeway is incredibly helpful and patient!!)
    Its going to be a 700c drop barred “bike” for road / off road etc…not a cross race bike but cross capable. Hopfully have it finished this year….


    I doubt it…..probably didn’t extract the rubber, mould and vulcanise it for the tyres either, the bloody charlatan…. 😡

    Premier Icon jameso

    All the tubes were mitered by hand using a file and dremel

    Jonm81, hat off you you and your calluses.

    citizen kane

    Very nice, I especially like the hooded Paragon Machine Works sliding drop outs, perfect for Tig.

    Lets see some build shots.


    one for the bell debaters


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