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  • Show me your hardtails and hydration…..
  • Premier Icon teadrinker

    Does anyone still use water bottles and cages out on the trails still? I can’t remember seeing any of late and I’m thinking about going back to the bottle and cage method.

    Any hardtail users have some pics, just because I’m at a loose end tonight and fancy something to look at.

    Also any recommendations on a cage that’ll suit a skinny steel 29er appreciated.

    Thanks all 😊

    Premier Icon riklegge

    I’ve been really happy with the fidlock magnetic bottle and mount. It’s really secure on rough ground, and when the bottle isn’t on its very low profile. Spendy though.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    I have two bottles on my Soda Max, never ride with a pack.

    That’s two on the down tube it’s so long!!

    Picture shows 2 x 500ml bottles, I can get two 750ml bottles if I choose


    Premier Icon kayak23

    Bought a couple of the cheaper Fwe or whatever the name is from Evans cycles. Just the aluminium framed cages.

    They suit the skinny tubes of my steel rigid 27.5erer, with one on the downtube and one on the seat tube.

    Bout 6 quid a go.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I do.
    Bontrager classic alloy cage. Whatever bottle comes out the drawer first.
    Job jobbed.

    Premier Icon tjagain

    I do. cheapo alloy cages ad any old bottles. Once I had one fall out on the trail. the alloy cages can be bent to get a tight grip on the bottles

    Premier Icon ads678

    I do. This is just a decathlon plastic one, not lost a bottle out of it.

    On a big ride if I’m taking a pack I’ll just use the camelback though.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Salsa Nickless cages if you can find them. Absolutely the best I’ve used in 30 years of mtb.

    Very durable and secure. Don’t wear. Don’t leave black goop on your bottle like worn aluminium cages. I’ve got two in permanent mtb use, often with oversize 1 litre bottles. One just cracked a weld after 10 years, but as they are stainless I just silver soldered it and good for another 10 years 🙂

    Cage moved onto it’s third bike during new frame shakedown last summer – scuffed cranks are the same age as the cage 🙂


    Glad to hear the Salsa Nickless cages are great. Just got two to use.

    Premier Icon mick_r

    They’re great – you’ll have a long and happy life together 🙂

    I’ve just realised the absurdity of my last post – buy the bottle cages (a bit of bent wire) and then make my own overcomplicated frame to attach them to……

    Time to buy some stainless!

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I’m a big fan of the Specialized Zee cages. Side entry/exit means they play well with smaller frames.

    [url=]P1050890[/url] by Colin Cadden, on Flickr

    [url=]DSC_0001[/url] by Colin Cadden, on Flickr

    Also with Pooguard™

    [url=]Pooguard[/url] by Colin Cadden, on Flickr

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    Here’s my Inbred with a bottle cage.
    It was primarily used for the battery bottle on my old Lumicycles. Not really used for that now, but good for a water bottle when going on shorter local rides.

    I normally use a camelbak though on longer rides.

    [url=]2019-08-05_10-26-41[/url] by STW stumpy01, on Flickr

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    This is good to see, thank you for sharing. Will have a little shop round now.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Old skool Ringlé.
    & pale ale.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Still use bottles, not got a hard tail now, Specialized Zee cage is what’s on all ours due to needing side openings. Never lost a bottle. They also make access to the SWAT box easier

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Side entry (specialized) cage on Mount Rushmore extender to clear frame bag. It’s always useful to have a bottle bikepacking…

    Non ‘packing I prefer to run without a pack where possible so shorter duration runs (say <3 hour) I’ll take a bottle (if needs be the water here is usually good enough to enable top ups, or at a coffee/cafe stop). I tend to run with a frame bag now as, well, why not?

    If not, I’ve a three litre camelbak bladder that I’ll fill according to perceived need.


    Bottle and framebag for me too, not a fan of carrying a Camelbak if I can avoid it. Frame has double cage mounts on the downtube so I switch to two cages + rear frame bag on all day rides.


    I`m liking that poo guard up there ^^^^^

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’ve got SS King Cages on a few bikes. They’re nice. Look good, last for ever, if you want more grip, bend it a bit. I’ve had alloy cages wear through and crack, so I’m sold on steel.

    I’ve got a 1L bottle which I’ve used on big rides with single cage frames.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I think you’re overthinking it – most cafes and bottles are fine. I run one on both mountain bikes all the time, plus on longer rides I’ll take a Camelbak as well.

    Make sure you get a bottle that has a flip cover – otherwise it’s just minging. I got some cheapie 650ml ones from decathlon for a couple of quid and they’re wearing much better than the more expensive hi5 bottles I’ve used on the road bike. I tried a Camelbak podium but it kept getting mould in the mouthpiece quite quickly so gave up on that.

    Out of all the cages I’ve used the one on my hardtail is the best – it’s an alloy side entry cage I think I got cheap from CRC for a fiver or somewhere like that.

    Having said that the cheapie metal one in my hybrid is fine and the Planet X / Specialized plastic ones also do the job and I’ve never lost a bottle.

    The only ones I’d be worried about off raps are the Cannondale branded ones on my road bike – they’re a bit flimsy (but look nice) and seem to be getting baggier over time.

    Premier Icon benp1

    Cages here too, very very rarely use a bladder. Sometimes I might use a pack to carry stuff in but i’ll still use the cages. Usually just waist pack and cages, even though my tools are often on the bike in a revelate jerry can. Waist pack is usually for a spare layer or some snacks

    Premier Icon solarider

    I used a bladder for years. Always carried the kitchen sink ‘just in case’, but one day I went out without it and discovered how constraining having something heavy on your back and straps over your shoulders and chest is. The freedom of movement is noticeable whithout a bladder on your back, but it does offer a little crash protection.

    Went back to bottles and haven’t looked back. Most rides I find one is enough, but space for two.

    In terms of cage recommendation, you can’t go wrong with a King Cage both functionally and aesthetically for your needs. And you’ll never need another cage.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    mmm, Seven…

    Premier Icon Trailrider Jim

    About to indulge with a Silca Ti cage and Camelbak Dirt Podium bottle. Getting overly excited about it…

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