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  • Premier Icon guitarhero

    Know there are quite a few guitarists amongst us, Show me your guitars.
    Here are mine
    Ibanez PGM 301

    PRS custom 24

    Freshman FA500GACED

    The Twins (Patrick Eggle New Yorks)

    Ibanez bass

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    Sorry my guitars are a lot nicer than my camera πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    No actual pics on this computer but I have this lot

    Premier Icon simon_g

    How do you get in and out of your drive with those guitars in the way?


    cant work out how to post pictures but it is a
    Rodriguez C3F Flamenco Classical Acoustic Guitar

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    How do you get in and out of your drive with those guitars in the way?

    It’s a pain. I’d only just cleared it of bloody bikes


    One of these

    simon & patrick sp6 mahogany, martin dx something travel guitar and deering banjo.

    have only been tinkering with guitars for a few years, but currently struck in a rut and it pains me that i can’t find the time or motivation to climb out.


    Don’t have pics, but a mid 70’s Gibson SG and a late ’50s Gibson Barney Kessel jazzer. Neither get used near enough.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Posting pics is easier than ever Junkyard click Here


    I ain’t got no pics. Got an Epiphone Les Paul, Strat and Aria electro acustic.


    not got any pics of most except the Hamer on this computer: but a tele thinline, 73 les paul custom, 2 Jay Turser 355 copies, a Jay Turser resonator les paul type thing hybrid with gretsch filtertron pickups, a yamaha pacifica which is f*****g awful and i only bought cos it was very very cheap, but terrible and I wish I’d not bothered,a somewhat euphemistically named Hamer standard custom, and a custom tele copy,that was built for the Manchester guitar show last year, and a grant les paul copy i’ve had about thirty years.

    Oddly enough my favourites are the two Turser semi’s and the electric resonator which are terrific, and were the cheapest.

    if i’ve got the hotlink right……

    Premier Icon Simon E

    Hohner Gruhn OM-size steel-strung acoustic and Ibanez JS100:

    (the Ibanez is for sale, along with a 120w Laney amp).


    drac I actually did first failed and re edited it how cr@p am I the
    go number 2 then

    Think I know what I did wrong… it does look like that but red strings from the blood of my fingers due to practising NOT…but they are red strings


    I have one of these…Fender Concord.Never seen another


    Schecter JV Strat

    Fender Blues Junior Amp

    Eric Johnson Signature Fender Strat

    Mark Knopfler Signature Fender Strat

    Resonator National Single Cone with Highlander Pickup

    Almansa Fishman Electro Spanish Guitar

    The best ever Overdrive pedal!

    60th Anniversary Fender Strat

    Martin Electro Acoustic 000C-16RGTE


    My main guitar is one of these:

    Also have a yamaha acoustic, a beat up old black strat, some non-descipt bass, and a Starforce 9000 (my first guitar).

    guitarhero – that Custom 24 is gorgeous. One day I’ll have a whale blue one… one day…


    one of thoes in wood effect

    and that ones my bro’s


    an my old ashton (first guitar) looks like that after my brother was finished watching the who

    Premier Icon metalheart

    no pics but:

    Taylor Big Baby acoustic
    Fender HSS strat (black)
    Fender Tele delux (glittery blue thing with 3 pick ups and weird toggle switch)
    Fender Vintage Hotrod Tele (buttescotch blonde)
    Tokai ES-120 (tobacco sunburst)


    Great thread!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    My 68 reissue Explorer…

    My Fender big apple strat…

    My 79 strat. Bought new by me in 1979 from Rock Bottom in Croyden…

    Finally, my Les Paul

    It’s a Les Paul Custom. I agonised over buying it for a couple of months. Used to go to the shop at least once a week to try it. Stopped going to the shop as it was stressing me.
    So then I decided that if it was still there on my birthday it was meant to be mine and I should buy it. Went to the shop, it was gone. πŸ™

    Asked the shop keeper who he’d sold it to. He explained that he hadn’t sold it, it was much worse than that, it had been stolen!!! Worse still, he’d had a bunch of guitars stolen. The thieves had broken in through the roof and were making their escape with his ‘gems’ when they were caught in the act. They simply threw the guitars to the ground and ran. The Les Paul was badly damaged and the headstock had been snapped off! πŸ™

    He’d sent all his guitars for repair. I asked him to call me when the LP was back. Three month later I got a call. The guitar was back! Shop keeper tells me It’s good, but not perfect.I dash over…….. The neck repair was 100% there was no way you could tell it had ever been broke. The repairs to the body were brilliant. There was just one place on the binding that wasn’t perfect, but I had to have it pointed out to me.

    I bought it without further delay. It’s a beautiful monster of a guitar, and I like the fact that it has a dark history. πŸ™‚


    I’ll be amazed if any tops Strato’s Les Paul.

    love that lp custom sb…….love the big block markers and all the extra binding on the custom, dont look right otherwise πŸ™‚


    Mine’s one of these . . . .

    Premier Icon MartynS

    ohhh I like this..

    waxed body from a guitar show, neck from a mate, pickups from somewhere..

    epiphone Les Paul, only a small chunk out of it where I dropped it..

    had this since I was 16.. 20 years, blimey. It was cheap then and worthless now, not much paint on the back, but it sounds good and I like it!

    Tyger, that schecter Strat is sooooo nice, like the one Mark K played live for Tunnel of love. I wouldn’t mind one like that.. how come the squire neck btw??


    I’m a drummer but I do have one of these:

    (Dean Sarasota)

    and a cheap Yamaha stratolike, and a cheap p-bassalike


    oh a crowther hot cake!! I’ve been after one of them for years!!!

    I love this guitar:

    (ignore the bridge, a bit just fell off and I’ll put it back later)-(not for sale)

    then there’s this one:

    (was for sale but isn’t now)

    (Fender Player Deluxe, VGC for sale or trade)

    Hofner Senator (never for sale)

    Framus (never for sale)


    Roter Stern

    This is one of my guitars in action. A fender Jagstang which has been modified with Dimarzio super distortion pick ups and custom circuitry. In my armoury I also have a Gibson Les Paul, an Epiphone Riviera a Fender Jaguar (too unreliable for live work though) and one or two Ibanez planks.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Found a photo of the fenders (apologies its crap though…):


    Hi MartynS, I had a JV Strat that was great to play but the electrics let it down and as I couldn’t afford a genuine Schecter I managed to get hold of the electrics from Ebay and they fitted like a glove. Plays like a dream.
    I’m currently putting together a ’62 Fiesta Red Strat as accurately as I can. If anyone knows where I can lay my paws on some 250k split-shaft Stackpole pots cheap – that would be good! πŸ™‚


    Epiphone 335 Dot (which was Tygers I think), also a Blues Junior amp & a nice Cort Earth acoustic..

    Used to have a Fernandez Strat which I swapped for a bag of sweets (sort of) when I was at college. Really regret it.


    Sorry no photos but have Washburn eletric acoustic and Aria 12 string

    Premier Icon mutley

    My Maverick Species Mark I. Awesome tone and sustain. Love it.


    Hi john_l how you doing? πŸ™‚

    Repack Rider

    Marin County, Cali

    Guitars: Les Paul, 50th Anniversary Strat, Martin D-18, and some others.

    The studio.

    The Danelectro Amp


    Orwell was a f#$king optimist.


    One of these, never seen another


    Oops, almost missed this awesome post.
    Sorry for the poor pics.

    2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    2004 50th Aniversary Fender Strat Deluxe

    2008 Fender Telecaster Hiway one (my Favourite)

    My newest aquisition, 3 weeks ago, Tanglewood TW45 H SR B, Beautiful Guitar, solid top,back & sides, walnut binding,Ebony fingerboard and bridge, lovely tone. Before buying this I was looking at a Taylor, a Takamine & a Breedlove, this was the best of the bunch.

    Yamaha FG & Strat copy.
    Also have a Classical which I don’t have a pic of.
    I did not realise there were so many guitar players with so much nice guitars on this forum.


    Vaughaniedirt’s . . .

    Reckon I must be giving him too much pocket money πŸ˜‰

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