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  • gibbonarms


    What enduro did you have before the covert endurokid? I’m having a hard time finding something worthy to replace my 2010 with pushed rp2, alpines are a long wait, rockets are an even longer wait, and I do like how the covert rides if a little lardy.

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    @gibbon if you think Covert is lardy then the Alpine is going to be worse. Try a Bandit, you do give up travel though.



    I had a 2010 Enduro Comp

    I actually placed an order for the new Alpine but orange dicked me about so I cancelled, the Covert was my original choice and glad I ended up with it.

    I love it, feels more stable, faster and more fun. Constantly get more PRs with the Covert on Strava, even when climbing, and I run a 1×9 (34 up front and 11/32 cassette).

Viewing 4 posts - 161 through 164 (of 164 total)

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