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  • mrbump

    I’m thinking of selling both my bikes to build up 16″ cotic soul now that i can fit a reverb into the new frames. I would like to see some pictures of Souls but up with AM kit i.e short stem, wide bars,single ring and chain device.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Again? is there an echo?

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Do a google search with singletrack world at he end, should bring quite a few up….

    Or failing that take a look through my forum activity as I usually post on every Cotic related thread… 😳


    If you are wanting an all mountain ‘rig’, wouldn’t a bfe be more suited, or are you just wanting to build up a soul to look tuff?


    I want an light all mountain bike for xc enduro and gravity enduro racing.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    17.5 inch 2012/13 frame
    Reba Race 120mm
    SLX Cranks 36-22 plus E13 Turbo bash, Blackspire Stinger, Dog Fang
    SRAM 980 11-32 Cassette
    SLX double front mech
    SLX Shadow rear, Med cage
    Hope Pro ii Evo Stans Arch EX
    Schwalbe Noby Nic 2.25 Snakeskin Evo TL (run tubeless with Stans tape and jizz)
    SLX M666 brakes
    Superstar wave rotors 180/160
    Easton MEC70 Monkeylite carbon bar, 685
    Ragley Stubbing stem 50mm
    Thompson Elite 30.9 and USE shim
    Charge Spoon
    Superstar Nano thru pin pedals/ M785 Trail XT depending on mood and ride

    Oh, and Turbo bash now swapped for a BBG superlight in red ano, and a Reverb on order from


    how tall are you scapegoat? i’m 5′ 8″ and was think the 16″.
    my spec would be
    revelations shortern to 120mm
    easton havoc carbon bars 750mm
    renthal duo stem 50mm
    shimano xt gears
    slx crank with 32t
    e13 lg1
    hope pro2 flows or archs
    elixir 7 brakes


    Not sure if the link will work:

    Medium frame in black
    Magura Thors
    Easton EA70 Stem (90mm) & Bars (685)
    DT Swiss EX1750 wheelset
    SXL crankset
    XT Front & Rear mech
    XT Brakes 180mm rotors

    For XC races I stick racing ralph/nobby nic combo on and run ZTR Olympic rims on Hope Hubs – Weighs in at about 27lbs

    Run 2.35 Bonty XR4’s on the DT Swiss wheels and it tips the scales at 29lbs and batters any terrain into submission. It’s a great bike.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    mrbump, I’m 5’11” but with long legs, short torso ( crushed vertebrae, used to be 6’0″!!), so according to Cy a medium with a long seatpost was the way to go. He’s right.

    At 5’8″ I reckon a 16 would be perfect. Your build looks great.

    Try , he had some bargain flow rims in recently, and will do coloured hubs, not just Hope Hoops black.

    If you want to go AM, then I’d say Flow. Take a wider tyre. I ran Arch EX with 2.4 nics and they were pretty much on the edge. They’re much happier with 2.25 now.


    I’m 5′ 8″
    medium frame
    Fox F120’s
    Easton haven bars 711mm wide
    90mm stem
    thomson, hope, king
    xt transmission
    rubber queens most of the year x-kings when its dry and for 24hr stuff etc..


    Another Daniel here on a soul. 5ft 8 and ride a small.

    55 Easton haven stem and 711 bars but want to try some havoc carbon jobbies.
    Arch ex with pro 2 evo
    Thomson, spoon
    1×9 32 e thirteen g ring with n gear jump stop and BBG bash, xt shifter
    11-34 with saint short cage mech
    170 slx m665 cranks – nice and stiff
    20mm maxle revs at 130.
    Deore 596 brakes 180/180.
    25-26lb generally depending on tyres.

    Is this so you’ve got a valid excuse for coming 2nd to Matt, Ste? 😛

    Cotic Soul Mk2 (medium)
    Fox Float 140RL 15QR
    Hope Race Evo M4 183/160
    Stans Flow / Pro 2 Evo
    Haven Carbon bars
    Renthal 50mm stem
    Gravity Dropper
    1×10 (32t 11-36)
    Rubber Queen 2.2 BC UST (or X-King 2.4 BC rear)
    26.5lbs of hardtail gravity enduro excellence. Just needs a braver rider! 😉


    this is because i want to push the xc side more and also win some gravity enduros in hardtail catagory 😀


    looks nice. how tall are you and how does the bike fit you.

    Fair enough, mate.

    5’10.5″ to be precise. Pretty much a perfect fit!


    Short stem, yep. Wide bars, yep. Single ring, currently no, I like spinning on long climbs too much. Chain device, yep. Flow Ex rims with big tyres.

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    Here you go

    Soul number 1

    Back of Conwy Mountain by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Soul number 2 (double and bash)

    P1000828 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Soul number 2 (wide bars, dropper and single with Chain device)

    P1040284 by eastham_david, on Flickr

    Soul number 3 (Double with wide bars, short stem and dropper)

    P1040580 by eastham_david, on Flickr


    groundhog day


    some nice souls there.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Cheers, great frames IMO.

    Just seems the be the ‘right’ bike most of the time.


    they all look like 16″ small frames? may i ask how tall you are?
    i’m coming from a 15.5″ ns surge but the cotic tt is shorter than the surge. i’m 5ft 8 1/2″ so right between the small and med ,but im not keen on having the higher top tube of the med. i also dont like the stretched out feel.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    yip, they are all 16″

    I’m 5ft 4″ with ickle legs (27.5″). I have a 60mm stem on mine


    i think i need to test ride. i have a friend with a 16″ soul and another with a 17.5 bfe.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    where are you?

    Premier Icon righog

    Hi I started a similar Thread a while back. Not sure why people complain about similar threads, just don’t read them !

    Old Soul Thread

    Anyway I ended up with a Medium (5′ 8″) and it’s perfect size for me.

    It Gets used a lot 😀


    I’m 5’7 and a bit and I ride a small.. it’s good for the nadgery tech type of riding in my area, but I’ve found myself wondering if I would have been better off with a medium when I’m pedalling along the consistently smooth flowing trails at the local trail centre..


    dudley ,west midlands

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Bit far for a test ride then sorry!

    I’m 5’10 and run:
    17.5 inch 2009 frame with 120mm SID RLT TI’s (with poplock
    Renthal bars cut to 720 with 50m stem
    Thompson layback post
    SLX cranks with 36T Renthal with SS guide
    11-34 cassette with SLX mech and XT shifter
    Hope M4/X2 brakes (fitted since the photo was taken)
    Shimano MT65 wheelset with Tubless NNs
    SS Ultra Mag Pedals
    Spoon saddle

    Fairly light, not too fragile, comfy, goes up, goes down


    Looks like you’ve missed the boat, they’re all sold out until Jan. There goes my self-indulgent Xmas present!

    Not sure about AM, but my build will be:-

    Full SLX gears/brakes (2×10 38/24)
    Spank Subrosa 747mm bars
    Truvativ 75mm stem
    Fox FIT RLC 120mm

    Can’t afford new wheels so, I’ll be using the Bonty wheels off my EX8 with Hans Dampfs.

    Just placed my ‘pre-order’…can’t wait.

    Buy it from a bike shop?


    Would do, but looking to have it with the pre installed Hope h/s (as this is my first build and am trying f/up as little as possible!).

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Matther: getting it from a bike shop you should be able to get the the headset fitted ‘for the same price’ as from Cotic… I did. I also got them to tap the b/b threads properly as well.

    You could but try…


    DTF/MTH – Where do you recommend? Freeborn?


    I bought mine from cycle-world in Abroath – 10% discount for STW premier and they faced BB. Unfortunately, I think they have just closed down. I know thebikechain also offer STW premier users 10% off as well on these frames

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