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  • trail_rat

    not as noisy as the specialized tarmac pro i was chasing down the road this morning.

    its not silent by any means but its not loud.

    its quieter than my rohloff an all

    My old singlespeed was silent. How does your chainline look?

    When I first got the alfine is was noisy where the chain rubbed against the plastic part next to the sprocket; seems to have quietened down now as it’s probably worn away a bit 😀

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    Does anyone with the SS Roadrat find that the drivetrain is noisy?
    Mine seems to make a bit of a noise, it seems that the side of the chain is catching the chainguide on the chain set. Is this normal?

    mine’s a bit noisier now than it was the first week i had it, the chain flaps about a tiny bit but not excessively. i’m using cheapo flat pedals for now and i’ve mashed the bearings in them after 3 weeks so they’re making the most noise!

    Premier Icon jwr

    theroadwarrior: the winter tyres are Continental Nordic Spike 240s. I run front and rear guards (Chromoplastic 50mm) and they work fine even with the higher profile tyres.


    my large/short rat with bb7’s and 35c land cruisers – it’s getting a drivechain replacement soon, the chain and cassette are seven years old and somewhat worn!

    i don’t suppose anyone is wanting to sell a large/large frame? 🙂


    Got a frame on the way and wondering what you guys are choosing as your disc wheelset these days?

    Looking at a set of MT66’s but fancy something a little more roadie.


    Got an alfine and an m460

    Both still like new inside after 8 months of grotty commuting

    I have been in amsterdam for a few days – tempted to modify my rat from drop bars to back swepts or butterflys with a higher front end – make it even comfier – thats one major flaw in that the stock road rat fork steerer is shorter than id like for bobbing in traffic – and fit a pletcher twin folding stand.

    The dutch bikes were comfy though.


    Here is my new 2013 gritstone Roadrat with Alfine 8. Pictures with mudguards will be uploaded later! 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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